Fitness, Family

Fun Family Fitness Tips You Can Use This Year

by FAT JOE Publishing /

There are so many things you should be thinking about when it comes to making the right choices...

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Competitive Gymnastics

7 Lessons Learned from Simone Biles at the Tokyo Olympics

by Hannah Thomas /

Dear Simone Biles

As a coach, I want to thank you for being a great role model for my athletes.

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Modernizing A Home Without Ruining The Rustic Charm

by FAT JOE Publishing /

(Image Source)

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Pinnacle Gymnastics, In the Classroom

Gym and Learn School Year Wrap Up 2021

by Kirsten Conrad /

Wow, the school year of 2020-2021 was quite a ride!  I am sure I speak for teachers everywhere...

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Preschool, Education, In the Classroom, Parenting

Play Based Preschool: The New Way of Learning

by Kirsten Conrad /

Play based preschool is quickly becoming the new way of the future.  This fun, interactive way...

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Coaching, Lesson Plans, Recreational Gymnastics

Coach Carly's Favorite Pullover Progressions

by Carly Ritter /

Pullovers are one of those basic gymnastics skills that look like they should be super simple to...

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Athletes, Sports Medicine

Achilles Injury Prevention

by Dr. Randy Goldstein /

Achilles “tendonitis” is a common complaint in athletes. With limited blood supply compared to...

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Coaching, Recreational Gymnastics

7 Ways to Make New Students Feel Comfortable

by Lisa Heitz /

Starting a new class or joining a new team or group can be overwhelming, especially if you do...

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Preschool, Parenting

How Do You Engage A Preschooler?

by Lisa Heitz /

 As parents, we've all been there with our children, trying to keep them engaged and listening....

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Preschool, Education, Parenting

The Importance of Preschool Art in the Classroom

by Kirsten Conrad /

As a preschool parent, hopefully you are bombarded every week with lots of different and unique...

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