5 Key Changes in the Compulsory Routines

Did you know that the routines in 2021 are new for all the compulsory levels? Every eight years brings new floor and beam choreography, floor music, and some updates in the skill requirements. Here are the key changes in the new compulsory routines: 

Compulsory Gymnastics

1. Mountain Climber into all Acro Skills 

The levering action into their beam handstands, cartwheels, and side handstand dismounts is no longer the focus! The new entrance position is a mountain climber to promote a quick and powerful turnover into the skills.  A mountain climber has both legs bent, arms by the ears, and a rounded chest.

Mountain Climber

2. Level 4 and 5 Floor

The new front pass for level 4 is front handspring step out, cartwheel, back extension roll to handstand. This is all connected and is a big change from the single front handspring that used to be in their routine. Level 5 is a front handspring step out, front handspring step out, cartwheel, back extension roll to handstand.

3. Level 3 Vault

The level 3s now do a front handspring over a sideways pit mat instead of a handstand flatback. This will hopefully lead to more range in scoring and make an easier transition to level 4 vault when they compete a front handspring over the table. 

4. Level 3 Bars

The new level 3 dismount off the bars is a squat on to straight jump stick which will allow them to work longer on perfecting the squat on before having them jump to the high bar in level 4. They also now have two back hip circles connected in place of the stride circle. 

5. Level 5 Beam

Instead of a vertical handstand, level 5 gymnasts will compete a cartwheel connected to a straight jump to provide a great transition for future cartwheel back tuck dismounts in level 6 or 7. They will be competing a standing back tuck off the beam as their dismount in level 5 now to work the correct back tuck shapes and gain confidence with flipping off the beam. 

Key Changes in Compulsory Routines Blog PostAs a compulsory coach, I am very excited to teach the new choreography to my gymnasts and think that these skill updates provide great progressions to make the jump between levels safer and more successful!

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