Help To Manage Your Child's Extracurriculars During A House Move

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Recreational classes and activities including gymnastics, performing arts, and sports in general can all be hugely beneficial for children, not only from a health perspective, but also for socialization and beyond. Unfortunately, the ‘extra’ in extracurricular means that, in major life changes, it’s too often these hobbies that are left by the wayside.

During home moves, especially, distances and disruptions can see once-loved hobbies left behind. In reality, though, the regularity and friendship that these groups provide is actually more necessary for children than ever during major life changes. As such, whether you're moving a few blocks away or have booked in with a company like North American Van Lines to move your life across the country, taking a little time to consider how to manage your child’s hobbies around that is crucial for helping them to settle. Here, we consider a few simple ways that you can keep even these extra evening additions running smoothly. 

Plan around practicalities

Whether you’re moving close to home or further afield, missing lessons or joining a class in the middle of term can create feelings of inadequacy, and even an inability to integrate. This is guaranteed to put an end to any hobby, and is something you should avoid by planning around these practicalities. Notably, if you have a moving date coming up, it might be worth taking your child out of class for a short break, whether they’ll be returning to that group or joining another. By then resuming their hobby in whatever location when everyone’s fresh at the start of a new session, you ensure that, even after a break, your child is far more likely to stick with this thing they love in the long term.

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Consider transfer where possible

Even in cases of long-distance moves, picking hobbies straight back up again can be a great way to help kids make friends and settle, especially if they can do so with the same company. Obviously, this won’t always be possible, but many larger gyms and performing arts schools have different locations across the country which may correlate with your move. Simply speak to the club owners ahead of time, and see whether they can either transfer your subscription or recommend alternatives. 

Continue to encourage self-practice

Encouraging the continuation of hobbies is essential for keeping their spark alive. As such, even during the between-stages of a move, it’s worth finding online classes, or even making an effort each day to practice moves, scenes, or whatever to keep your child engaged. That way, they’ll be far better able to retain the passion they need to throw themselves right back into their hobbies when they’re finally settled and set up in new or old (to them) classes.

Moving is stressful and hobbies can feel like the last things to consider amongst all that packing and planning. But, considering how well the continuation of familiar passions can help your children to settle, setting this up sooner rather than later is guaranteed to make all of the difference for a smooth move. 

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