5 Tips for a Healthy Work Life Balance

Having a healthy work-life balance is more important today than ever. The availability and popularity of Zoom and other video conferencing software makes it easier to work from home. Working from home is more common now than it has ever been. Being available to work is extremely convenient and can be beneficial to any company. However, the invasion of work into what should be “life” time can cause problems for many in the work force. Never being able to check out from work can contribute to mental health issues. Below are some tips that could help with a healthy work-life balance.

Work Life Balance

1. Unplug at home

Make sure home-time is just for personal life. Make sure your supervisors and co-workers know that when you are at home you will not be responding to any emails or messages. Give them a list of times that you are available and stick to those times.

2. Prioritize time-management at work

Do what works for you to make sure that your time at work is as efficient as possible. There are numerous time-management programs out there to try. Some recommend setting a time limit for a task. Others recommend prioritizing tasks based on importance. Do some research to find the best system for yourself.

3. Restructure your schedule

Figure out the times of day that you are most engaged. Are you more motivated in the morning? Do you do your best work at night? Does your family need you to be most involved at a certain time? Restructuring your schedule to work best for each aspect of your life can have a huge impact.

4. Do something just for you

Find a hobby or something that you are passionate about and dedicate some time to it each day. I love to read, so I make sure to include reading time into my schedule each day. Do something that is going to reinvigorate your mental-emotional well being. It should be something you can do without thinking about work at all. It can be simple or more elaborate, as long as it is something that is just for you.

5. Learn to say “no”

Nobody likes having to tell people no. The guilt is intensified when it is a work request. It is so important to feel empowered to say “no” when you need to. It’s okay. The world is not going to stop if you are unable to help out with a request. My favorite phrase to tell my staff is that “no” is a complete sentence. People that are happy with their work-life balance will help out with extra tasks when they are available. However, being able to say “no” when it doesn’t work is so important.

Work Life Balance (1)

People that enjoy their jobs typically have a healthy work-life balance. They are able to be completely present while they are at work and are able to be completely present during their personal life. Boundaries and efficient scheduling can make a huge impact. The most important thing is to figure out what is a healthy work-life balance for yourself and go from there.

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