Character Education

Pinnacle Gymnastics' Character Day 2020

by mochynka /

We are so excited to announce that our 2nd annual Character Day will be presented in a digital...

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How to Strengthen Your Immune System Through Exercising

by Darren Spruill /

A strong immune system is critical especially during a time like now. It reduces chances of...

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Easy DIY Face Mask Lanyard

by Lisa Heitz /

Fingers crossed, our kids will be heading back to the classroom at some point in the near future...

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Camps, Activities, Preschool

Fun August Activities at Pinnacle Gymnastics

by Kirsten Conrad /

Can you believe we are already halfway through August 2020? It has been one crazy year, but...

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Preschool, Parenting, Family

5 Tips to Help Your Preschooler Wear their Mask

by Kirsten Conrad /

Life in 2020 has been a whirlwind and again we are having to adapt to our every changing world....

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Athletes, Parenting

How Do You Know When It's Okay to Let Your Child Quit?

by Lisa Heitz /

As parents, we all know the advantages of having your child participate in an activity or sport....

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Gymnastics, Competitive Gymnastics

What is Xcel Bronze Team? 3 Great Reasons to Join

by Hannah Thomas /

Xcel Bronze is a USA Gymnastics competitive level.  It allows gymnasts to showcase their skills...

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Parenting, Growth Mindset, Family

Three Ways to Support Adolescent Mental Health

by Kirsten Conrad /

It may be easy to identify and meet your teen's physical needs like adequate sleep, healthy food...

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Character Education, Parenting, Family

5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do From Home

by Kirsten Conrad /

As we continue to go through changes in our society, it became apparent that random acts of...

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Fitness, Adult Fitness

5 Benefits of Practicing Restorative Yoga

by Lisa Heitz /

I used to be a firm believer in the fitness routine that if I didn't push my body to the...

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