Pinnacle Gymnastics' Character Day 2020

We are so excited to announce that our 2nd annual Character Day will be presented in a digital format this year!  Please take a look at the character building activities below to help introduce your child and family to a few new ways to learn about the Pillars of Pinnacle. All events are free of charge.  The PCA workshop on 9/19 at 3pm does require pre-registration. All other events can be done at your leisure. 

Character Day 2020

1. Triple Impact Competitor Zoom Workshop, 9/19 at 3pm

Pinnacle Gymnastics has partnered with Positive Coaching Alliance to bring the Triple Impact Competitor Workshop to our athletes. This workshop is perfect for your athlete to learn in a positive, focused way.  

All Pinnacle athletes, age 7 and older, are invited to attend. You will need to register for the course here. The course will be on September 19th at 3:00pm live on Zoom!

You can read more about PCA and the bios of the presenters here:

Trainer:  Kip Watson:
Co-Trainer: Kelly Kratz:

Team PCA

2. Complete a Community Service Project

Teach the importance of giving back by participating in a family community service project!  Check out this list of ideas from Wayside Waifs including homemade dog treats, crinkle bottle dog toys, and no sew pom poms for cats! 

Wayside Waifs

3. Fill Someone's Bucket

Becoming a bucket filler can alter your mindset in a positive way.  When we are focused on the good, we begin to see more good.  When we fill someone's bucket, they are more likely to choose to pass it on.  Check out these free and fun resources from

Bucket Filling Note

4. Teach Growth Mindset

Use this free interactive mini-book from Teachers Pay Teachers to help guide your child through growth mindset.  Take a look at self talk, the forbbiden word "can't", and the power of yet as you talk about goals and how to reach them. 

Growth mindset can help narrow achievement gaps and help children (and adults) reach their full potential!

Growth Mindset Quote

Read More: 

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