Five Ways to Celebrate Preschool Graduation

Graduation season is upon us and it seems that all grades seem to have a celebration.  While this may feel like a bit of an overload, the preschool graduation is one that I can fully get on board with!  This fun celebration is your child's first chance to showcase all that they have learned and show that they are ready for the next step in their lives.  Check out these five fun ways to celebrate a preschool graduation!

ways to celebrate preschool graduation

Fun Ways to Celebrate with your Preschooler

While every child will graduate and move to Kindergarten, it is still a fun time to celebrate your child and start preparing them for their transition to Kindergarten.  Taking a few minutes to celebrate all that they have been working on the past year is a great way to make your child feel seen and help them feel proud of themselves.  Even if your child's school is not doing an official ceremony, you can still celebrate your child at home. Check out these fun, easy ways to help celebrate your preschooler:

  1. Take the Pictures: Take a moment to take pictures of your child at this time. You can add fun props, such as a sign, cap and gown, or backdrop, to help document this fun event and make sure you have the photos for years to come.  Even better, you will have them ready to compare when they graduate high school and beyond!
  2. Fill out a Survey: We all know that kids say the best things, so why not document them!  I am not a mom that keeps all the projects, but I love having moments that document how my child is feeling at that age.  Pinterest is filled with surveys of questions you can ask your child, from what they want to be when they grow up to your child's favorite things.  This is a fun way to document them at this age and compare to future years to see how your child grows.
  3. Grab a Cake: Who doesn't love a special treat for a big day?  Grab a cake or other favorite treat of your child's to help celebrate with the family.  This will make sure your child has a moment to be the center of attention and you can fill them with praise while you celebrate with the family.
  4. Gift them a Book: Books are always a great idea, and this is no exception. There are so many different books out there that will help celebrate their big day.  Check out this fun list of 10 different books for your preschooler!
  5. Build them Up: If nothing else, make sure you take time to build your child up and let them know how proud you are of them.  By letting them know that you are proud of them, you build their confidence for the next chapter in their academic career.  This will allow your child to know that you are proud of them and will have their back as they continue through school.  Graduation is a great reminder to build that confidence every day for your child.

It may seem like a small milestone during your child's large childhood, but this is a big deal to your preschooler.  By taking a few minutes to make them feel special and celebrate your child, you are letting them know that you are proud of them and you are building their confidence to continue through their academic career.  

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