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Xcel Team

Every year we receive many questions and inquiries about our competitive team options.  At Pinnacle we offer USAG's Development Program Levels 3-10 and USAG's Xcel Program at all levels.  

Pinnacle's Xcel Program Philosophy:

  • USAG defines the Xcel Program is an alternative USA Gymnastics competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts.  The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. 
  • At Pinnacle we agree that the Xcel program offers a great alternative to the Development Program (Levels 3-10).  We consider both of our team options to be a privilege.  All of our team athletes are dedicated and gymnastics requires hard work at all levels.  
  • Our goal is to help each gymnast reach their individual goals and potential and different team programs provide us with multiple ways to help our athletes.  Their are different benefits to each team program and we match the pros and cons of different programs to the individual athlete and their needs.

What to expect at all of Pinnacle's Competitive Team Levels:

  • Gymnastics that is taught in a safe and progressive manner
  • A focus on form and correct technique
  • High expectations of our athletes
  • A person first, positive coaching philosophy
  • Efficient practices which allow us to train fewer hours with excellent results
  • Educated, experienced and caring coaches

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What is unique to Xcel?

  • Xcel rules allow for more variety in skill selection - if a gymnast struggles with a particular skill due to injury, fear or other reasons an alternative skill is often available
  • Xcel rules also allow for more variety in event levels - if a gymnast is very strong on bars and weak on beam they can add difficult on their strong events while continue to have success on a weaker event at the same time

How do the levels compare?

At Pinnacle, we look at the following matchups of levels.  Clearly, they are not a perfect match or we would not need multiple programs. With the variety Xcel offers a gymnast might be doing skills that are similar to level 3/4 on bars and skills similar to 5/6 on floor. However, when it comes to practice time and meet schedules the following are most similar at Pinnacle.
Xcel chart

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can a gymnast move from one program to another?  
    Yes!  However, there are certain mobility rules and requirements in each program that must be met.  
  2. Is Xcel consider a Rec team?
    No, Xcel is not considered a recreational team.  We do offer In House Recreational Team options. 
  3. Can Xcel gymnasts have college opportunities?
    Division 1, 2 and 3 college gymnastics teams compete with rules that are very similar to Level 10.  They are seeking athletes that can make an impact on their team with a skill set that matches or betters their current athletes.  Gymnastics spots are limited and therefor very competitive.  There are additional collegiate opportunities for athletes who are not at a Level 10 skill level.  Opportunities exist in Acro & Tumbling and Collegiate Clubs.

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