5 Random Acts of Kindness You Can Do From Home

As we continue to go through changes in our society, it became apparent that random acts of kindness are suddenly more important than ever.  Everyone is dealing with changes and adjustments to their new normal, and the quick moments of kindness are suddenly important to make sure every feels loved and connected, even in this distanced and digital world. More people are now alone and isolated than ever before. Check out some of these random acts of kindness you can complete, even from your own home.

Random Acts of Kindness are More Important Than Ever

Why Are Random Acts of Kindness Important?

Kindness, time and time again, is proven to be a pivotal aspect of our culture. It is scientifically proven that Kindness helps improve your mood, attitude, and more.  According to research from Emory University, kindness increases the Love Hormone, Energy, Happiness, Lifespan, Pleasure, and Serotonin levels.  Specifically, random acts of kindness provide an additional benefit of surprise, which allows for people to feel loved and connected at times that many are not expecting it.  Also, random acts of kindness often reach past people we know personally, and allow you to connect with random people in the community and complete strangers.

Five Random Acts of Kindness you Can Complete from Your Own Home

Random acts of kindness are truly my love language.  Nothing makes me feel quite like when I take the time to make someone's day, or when someone goes out of their way to make me smile.  As our world has changed, it has been difficult to adjust while still keeping this important aspect of my character.  Gone are the days we can hold the door open for someone or help someone cross the street. Instead, here are five ways you can help make someone's day from your own home:

  1. Send a Card: I know that mail makes me happy.  It is so nice to get something from someone, either a card of gift, to show they have been thinking about you.  Have your family sit down and make cards for the family members that live out of town, or may be separated and living alone.  Drop it in the mail box and I promise it will make their day. 
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  2. Send a E-Card: Several local hospitals are allowing you to send e-cards to patients that are there and unable to be with family.  These e-cards are delivered to various patients and you can write a message of hope and understanding.  You may also be able to mail cards for various people to the hospital. Check out your local hospital to see if this is an option.  
  3. Send a Gift Card or Gift: Delivery is still an option and might be a great way to help make someone's day. If you are unable to deliver a birthday gift or random gift, you can have the gift shipped to the friend or family member.  Some great options include gift cards to local restaurants, a new game for a game night, food delivery, or something that reminds you of them.  This is also a great option for teacher appreciation gifts or end of the year gifts. 
  4. Zoom Chat with your Local Nursing Home: Some of the nursing homes around our house are offering to set up Zoom chats for you to spend some time with someone in the facility. Residents currently have no access to people outside of the facility, and are locked down from visitors.  Sign up for a quick chat and make someone's day to have someone to talk to. You could even become penpals with a resident!
  5. Chalk the Park or Driveway: This one may seem a bit strange, but you can chalk your park or driveway with positive sayings and pictures. I know I love seeing messages as I walk around our neighborhood and it always puts a smile on my face.  Take a moment to help brighten your neighborhood.  You can also leave chalk messages on friend's driveways to tell them how much you appreciate them while staying socially distant.
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These ideas are just a few of the ways you can take a few moments to put a smile on someone's face. Even after we are able to return to society and start working back towards normal, taking a moment to say you appreciate someone will always be something that makes both them and you feel better.  This might be a change that you end up keeping forever!

Kirsten Conrad
Gym and Learn Director

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