Easy DIY Face Mask Lanyard

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Fingers crossed, our kids will be heading back to the classroom at some point in the near future and masks will be a staple for in-person learning. But how will our children keep their masks clean, since masks shouldn't be placed on the ground, in desks, or crumpled up in the depths of backpacks? Always know where your mask is by making a personalized face mask lanyard!

This is a fun project to incorporate your child, and it's a great way to help your child (adults too) keep track of his mask, even when not being worn.The mask lanyard clips onto the mask loops and allows your child to hang his mask conveniently around his neck. Feel free to use brightly colored beads, personalized name beads, charms, whatever you want to make it his own.

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Supplies Needed

*    Chinese Knotting Cord, 24"

*    Beads and Charms of your Choice

*    2 Binder Clasps

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Let's Get Started

This first part definitely needs to be done by a parent or guardian. Start off by measuring how long your child's lanyard should be. Next, attach the knotting cord to one of the binder clasps and tie in a knot.  Using a.lighter, burn the ends of the cord to seal the knot.  Now, your cord is ready for beads! 

Add the beads

Your child will thoroughly enjoy this part of the process and gives your child the opportunity to use his imagination and fine motor skills to create his mask lanyard. Letter beads really come in handy, spelling out your child's name to personalize their lanyard. You can also make different designs and teach patterns during the beading process. 

Tie Up the Loose End

For this last part you'll need the lighter again so it's best that a guardian helps out. Tie the loose end in a knot, and carefully using the lighter, burn the end of the cord thus creating another seal. There you have it, you're mask lanyard is complete and ready for use. Enjoy!

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