Pillars of Pinnacle

Pillars of Pinnacle: Character Education for Athletes and Coaches 

Pinnacle has adopted 12 Pillars of Character to further the development of our athletes and staff.  These twelve characteristics are meant to reinforce the lessons parents teach and home by utilizing the definition and "trait in action".  Each program will incorporate the traits in different ways that maximize the way each age and ability absorbs the educational experience.  The 12 Pillars of Pinnacle are: empowerment, balance, self control, gratitude, growth mindset, resilience, confidence, excellence, kindness, accountability, teamwork, and enthusiasm.  

Pillars of Pinnacle-3How Will We Teach Character Education?

Each program at Pinnacle will use different methods to inundate their students with character education.  We will focus on one trait each mont.  Our preschool aged classes are using Disney characters that embody the month's character trait. Dance students will be learning a dance to a song that contains the spirit of the message for the character trait.  Students in our Gym and Learn classes are learning chants that reinforce the definition of the pillar of character with hand motions.  Athletes in our Ninja program are learning obstacle specific chants as well as increasing their team atmosphere with group cheers.  Lastly, our gymnastics classes are incorporating pillars of character a little differently each month, but will include definitions, questions, end of class affirmations, and stations in their lesson plans.  

Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.

Examples of Teaching the Pillars of Character

In our first month of character education, we will be focusing on empowerment.  Empowerment means having the authority and knowledge to make decisions for the betterment of yourself and others. Here are a few ways we will be teaching this lesson. 

1. Disney Character - Moana - having Moana themed lesson plans with challenges that push kids to push themselves and choose what is right. 

2. "Climb that Wall" - ninja chants for encouraging one another to get up that wall

3.  The Gift of Choice - gymnastics students will have the choice of what to do at one station each week.  As we progress, we will dive further into empowerment by teaching the importance of choosing the option that benefits them most. 

4. "I am strong, I am smart, I am kind, I am me." Gym and Learn will be learning this chant to reinforce the concept of empowerment.  


Character Education is a Process

While we hope that our small additions will have a large impact on developing strong character in our athletes, we understand that character development is similar to skill development in that it is a process.  Trust the process.  We will continue to educate, engage, enable, and encourage our athletes as they take on new challenges both to improve their skills as well as their character. 

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