10 Ways to Show Enthusiasm Through Body Language

The science speaks for itself.  65% of all communication is non-verbal. This might help explain why sometimes it is necessary to communicate in person rather than via email or text.  Rather than risk a misunderstanding, getting in front of someone helps you clearly articulate your message.  In the workplace, as well as in our lives, it is important to show passion.  Using your face to face time to show enthusiasm through body language can improve your relationships with clients, co-workers, and family members. 

10 ways to show enthusiasm through body language

What is Body Language?

According to Mindtools.com, "body language is the unspoken element of communication that we use to reveal our true feelings and emotions. Our gestures, facial expressions and posture, for instance." Body language is especially important when working with children. Brittany Williamson recounts that "positive body language in a classroom setting has the ability to motivate, inspire and engage"

1. Take Up Space 

  • Taking up physical space helps people feel engaged
  • Making your way from station to station or around the group in allows each participant to feel engaged
  • Let’s try it – stand up and find an appropriate stance that makes you feel confident

2. Stand Up Tall

  • Posture is extra important
  • Standing up tall emits confidence and leadership
  • Be conscious of your posture from your head to your toes

3. Free Your Hands and Arms

  • Uncross your arms and keep them away from your body
  • Avoid placing your hands on your hips for any long period of time
  • Talking with your hands is effective when used correctly
  • Your arms are especially important in gymnastics
  • They can be used to show body position, demonstrate, or give high fives

Ways to show enthusiasm through body language

4. Really Listen

  • Use facial expressions, tilt your head, and really listen to the students in your class or customers at the front desk
  • Focusing on the student or customer will make them feel that you are engaging and they are meaningful
  • You might also learn something that will help you solve a problem or teach a new skill

5. Nod and Smile

  • Even if you aren’t a naturally smiley person, do it
  • Smiling can physiologically change your mood
  • Smiling is contagious
  • Nodding is a great way to acknowledge someone and what they are saying, doing, or feeling
  • Smiles are radiant and can be seen from a long distance

6. Use Appropriate Eye Contact

  • No, don’t be creepy or stare
  • Do make eye contact when speaking to someone – whether individually or in a group
  • Eye contact is important when speaking and listening
  • It is also important for classroom management – 1..2..3.. Eyes on me!

Copy of 65%

7. Don't Check the Time

  • Nothing says ”I don’t want to be here” more than checking your watch
  • Get a gauge for time before each rotation and try to check one more time in the middle
  • Do not pause to check the time while in the middle of a station, conversation, or task

8. Display Emotion

  • Everyone has their own unique style
  • Let yours shine through
  • Use your entire body and voice to convey emotion to your class
  • Big motions can be seen from far away
  • Small motions can be personal and motivating
  • Let’s try it – give someone a finger high five and another person an air five from across the room

9. Dress the Part

  • Whatever your role, looking like you are prepared for the task or job is just as important as being physically and mentally ready to perform
  • Be mindful of what you are wearing
  • Will it be distracting to others (children)?
  • Is one of your job tasks going to change your outfit?

10. Boost Your Energy Level

  • Boost the energy of your class by putting your own spin on it
  • Key memories are made at the beginning, the peak, and the end of an activity – make these moments extra special and energetic
  • Whether it has been a great day or a terrible day, when you enter the workplace, bring the best version of yourself through the doors

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