5 Kip Drills You Can Do At Home

5 Kip Drills You Can Do At Home


The kip is a milestone skill in gymnastics.  For many gymnasts, the kip is the first skill that provides a true challenge.  The kip is a mount to get on the bar beginning as early as level 3 on Competitive Team.  It is a skill that requires both strength and proper timing.  It requires many repetitions and a lot of trial and error.  Here are a few easy drills that you can practice at home to work on both the strength and proper technique.  

Frisbee Glide Extensions

Frisbee Glides

  • This drill mimics the glide swing, the first part of the kip. 
  • Start in a pike sit with the frisbee (or paper plate) on your heels. 
  • Lift your hips and extend your feet out and then pull back.   
  • The goal is to reach full extension, from shoulders to hips.  

Leg Lifts

Leg Lifts

  • In this second drill, the gymnast starts by lying flat on their back.
  • The gymnasts then lifts both legs up and over their head to touch the floor. 
  • Remember to keep the legs straight and together to practice good form and technique.  

Shoot to Candle

Copy of Leg Lifts

  • Start on your back with your legs in a pike position and hands at your toes.  
  • Lift your toes up to a candle position, finishing with hands at your hips.
  • For an added challenge and to better replicate the kip, after reaching the candle, shoot the toes down to a pike and push with straight arms to a pike compression sit.  

Straight Arm Forward Pike Roll

Pike Roll

  • Perform a forward pike roll and stand up with straight arms. 
  • Push with straight arms to stand up.  
  • Keep the arms straight to mimic the finish position of the kip.  

Wrist Shifts

Copy of Candle

  • Using a broom or PVC pipe tie a small weight to a string or rope and around the broom or pipe.
  • Hold the broom with both hands and shift your wrists to twist the rope around the broom.  
  • Be sure to keep your arms straight and shift your hands forward.  

Practicing these drills in combination with the kip will help your gymnast master the skill!

Happy Kipping!

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