Take a Shot at Summer Soccer Conditioning

Take a Shot at Summer Sports Performance

Spring soccer is in full swing, tryouts are right around the corner, and the fall season will be here before we know it! Are you at the top of your game? Join us at Pinnacle to focus on running form, increase agility, and prepare for soccer - spring, tryouts, or fall - whichever stage you are in.  Summer Soccer Conditioning Camps will consist of a variety of different drills and exercises that increasing their physical strength and fitness while also improving their team building skills.


Summer Soccer Conditioning Camp

What is Summer Sports Performance?

Soccer sports performance at Pinnacle will provide direct instruction and personalized training for fitness endurance, agility, speed work, running mechanics, and coordination. Classes are led by Coach Greg who has a collegiate coaching background in track and field/strength and conditioning.  In addition, Coach Greg has playing experience at the collegiate level in soccer at Baker University. Conditioning will create a strong base of fitness for the upcoming season and put the athlete in the best position to perform well on the field.


Why Sports Performance at Pinnacle?

Soccer is a very unique sport with its combination of long periods of physical endurance while also needing the strength and short bursts of speed while changing directions. Due to the pace and nature of the game, athletes have to be able to perform at varying levels of intensity for long bouts through a variety of attributes to be successful.

Conditioning camp will involve games and competitions. During conditioning, athletes will participate in game like situations to work on staying strong and fit throughout a match and mentally strong.  Drills and games will consist of some activities that use a soccer ball and others that don't. 

Goals of Summer Sports Performance and Conditioning 

  • Physical Fitness
  • Functional Strength and Control
  • Body Awareness
  • Acceleration/Ability to Change Direction
  • Team Building Through Drills and Games
  • Speed/Power Development

Summer Soccer Conditioning


Looking for a Different Summer Camp Option? 

Pinnacle offers a wide variety of summer camps for children of all ages (3 and up).  Our day camps, enrichment camps, and stay through options are sure to provide the perfect indoor summer activity for your active child.  


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