New in Ninja Training

New in Ninja Training

Ninja training has taken flight with exciting shows such as American Ninja Warrior.  Youth across the nation are looking for ways to increase agility and conquer new challenges in this adrenaline filled sport.  Ninja classes encourages youth to challenge themselves to conquer to obstacles physically and mentally. These challenges not only improve ninja skills, but bring in life lessons of perseverance, confidence, and empowerment. Ninja programs all around are expanding to create a better opportunity for youth to improve these skills and traits. Check out what's new in ninja training!

What's New in Ninja__Traverse Climbing Wall

A traverse rock wall is a fun, safe, and challenging way to spice up ninja training. Our traverse wall is 12' tall and 28' wide. This entirely new obstacle will help improve your ninjas upper-body strength and their overall hand-eye coordination to maneuver through the different courses on the wall.

Our favorite rock wall attachments: 

  • Climbing holds
  • Noodle holds (for obstacle courses)
  • Cliff hangers
  • Letters and numbers

Traverse Wall

26 Foot Hanging Obstacle Challenge Course

The hanging obstacles are a major component of developing ninja skills, upper body strength, and body control. A great length for a hanging frame is 26' long which provides on opportunity to improve skills, strength, and endurance - AND the challenge to conquer more obstacles in a row! Learn more about the benefits of ninja training.

Our favorite hanging obstacles:

  • Rings (all sizes)
  • Bar rail
  • Trapeze
  • Unstable bridge


One of the best parts about ninja training is that it is always evolving.  Each week there are new challenges, a new course, or a new personal best to accomplish!  Who will be the next American Ninja Warrior?

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