8 Drills to Do at Home to Improve Hand Eye Coordination

8 Drills to Do at Home to Improve Hand Eye Coordination

Hand eye coordination is used in all aspects in a child’s life. It is used in sports, schoolwork, arts, play, and everyday tasks. Some of the smallest, everyday tasks require strong hands-eye coordination development.  Here are some examples of activities that require hand eye coordination. 
8 drills to do at home to improve hand eye coordination

8 Activities that Require Hand Eye Coordination

  • Holding a pencil and writing your name
  • Ball-oriented sports
  • Arts such as drawing, painting, or music
  • Playing on a playground
  • Reading
  • Folding/hanging laundry
  • Driving
  • Brushing your hair or teeth

When a certain action or stimulus is caught by the eyes and body it sends response to the brain. The brain sends a response back to the muscles to create a movement for that stimulus. This response happens very fast. Without proper development the response is misjudged or delayed and the child either misses the object, loses balances, or can't complete the movement. 

Drills to Do at Home to Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand eye coordination is improved by using varying objects, distances, and parts of the body that lead with the eyes.  Try one of these eight drills to help your child improve his hand eye coordination.
  1. Play Catch
  2. Juggle
  3. Jump Rope
  4. Varying Size Ball Toss
  5. Monkey Bar Climb
  6. Rock Wall Climb
  7. Dribble a Ball
  8. Reaction Catch - Catch a ball being thrown from different directions randomly

Improved coordination leads to a stronger control over the muscles in your body. This can improve other aspects of development such as strength, balance, and flexibility. As a child grows hand-eye coordination changes with them due to their body growing. It is important to continually develop this coordination to complete tasks and challenges that occur throughout their day. 

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