The Importance of Continuing Education for Coaches

Continuing Education for Coaches at Pinnacle Gymnastics

As a gymnastics coach, continuing education is crucial.  The rules and technique change overtime.  In addition, coaches should always be seeking new ideas for skill development, athlete motivation, positive coaching, lesson planning, and child development. Enjoy.

The Top 3 Ways Staff Continues to Grow at Pinnacle:

1.  In-house Education Opportunities:

One of our primary ways of educating our coaches is to provide training sessions at Pinnacle.  Pinnacle's Owner, Directors, and Managers prepare presentations and hands on training courses for coaches to attend.  These courses are held throughout the year.  The presenter is responsible for researching their topic and presenting accurate information with professional sources.  In addition, to providing monthly training sessions, we also have an annual event at the end of the summer where we provide many course options.  Throughout July, our staff had the opportunity to attend presentations in four different categories; Character Education, Program Specific Training, Technique and Spotting, and Customer Service.  Below are the 16 Presentations that were presented:

Pillars of Pinnacle

2.  Regional and National Congress

Each year USA Gymnastics hosts educational conferences in each Region in addition to a National educational event, none as Congress.  Several Pinnacle staff members are lucky enough to have the privilege to attend each year.  Topics at Regional and National Congress include: Business, Coaching at all Levels, Injury Prevention, Athlete Nutrition, Skills and Techniques for all Levels, and much more!  The classes are presented by some of the best coaches in the country.  

3.  Guest Presentations at Pinnacle

In addition, Pinnacle is also proud to bring in guest presentations and clinicians.  Over the past five years, Pinnacle has hosted a Pre School Fundamentals Course presented by a USAG National presenter along with a  School Age Hands on Spotting Course.  Pinnacle has also partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance, allowing us to have a presenter join us for three years in a row!

As Pinnacle continues to grow and expand we have had staff attend courses specific to their coaching and program.  Pinnacle coaches are fortunate to be participating in the following additional conferences/certifications this year:

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