Gymnastics Coaching Education

gymnastics coaching educationGymnastics coaching education is a vital part of coaching gymnastics.  At Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City, staff education provides a strong foundation for our coaches.  There are many different ways to gain knowledge about gymnastics, child development, and coaching strategies.  Let's outline a few ways to gain expertise, both digitally and in person.

Gymnastics Coaching Education

A pillar of quality gymnastics coaching education stems from hands on training.  Spotting is an important part of coaching gymnastics.  The best way to learn how to spot is to practice.  At Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City, hands on training is offered both in workshops led by USA Gymnastics as well as skill specific sessions led by Pinnacle's team of directors.  Coaches learn to spot by co-spotting with more experienced coaches.  In addition, having experienced athletes perform basic skills allows spotters to practice in a low risk environment.

Also relevant, education stems beyond spotting and into tactical and progressive lesson plans.  Coaches need to understand the skill they are teaching from the beginning shapes to the final finishing pose.  This understanding allows coaches to drill skills in a sequential, safe, and practical way that allows gymnasts to master each part of a skill before conquering the entire skill.  Find a list of exercise programs that benefit gymnastics here. 

In conclusion, regular staff training sessions provide coaches the opportunity to improve their spotting and lesson planning techniques.  Thus, providing a safer environment for athletes of all ages and abilities.

USA Gymnastics Education

gymnastics-coaching-educationAnother way to further educate yourself about gymnastics is to participate in USA Gymnastics University.  USA Gymnastics offers online courses focusing on preschool, recreational, and competitive athletes.  In addition, courses include SafeSport training guiding coaches on how to recognize and respond to symptoms of abuse.

USA Gymnastics provides different tracks for coaches in different areas of the sport.  Beginning instructors through experienced directors benefit from the valuable information in each course.  While professional members have course requirements, instructor members also have access to the full library of courses.

In addition to online courses, USA Gymnastics offers a selection of live, hands on training courses.  Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City has had the opportunity to host and attend several of these courses.  For a list of live courses near you, visit this link.

Congress: A Gymnastics Symposium

Each summer, USA Gymnastics hosts Regional and National Congress Workshops.   Many successful programs send staff members to these gymnastics coaching education workshops.  Learning from the industry-best has helped improve our program's lesson plans, coaching tactics, and leadership team.  A highlight for most full time coaches and business owners, Congress is an excellent way to learn best practices that can be adopted into your program.

Gymnastics Coaching Tips

Coaching gymnastics is a fulfilling career.  Gymnastics coaches get to teach and watch as children learn new skills and overcome challenges.  Successful gymnastics coaching constantly educate themselves.  In addition, modifying lesson plans for continuous progression allows athletes to develop in a safe, fun environment.  However, coaching goes beyond skill progressions.  The emotional and mental development of a child play a huge role in their development in sport.  In the long run, a coach that is educated in the benefits of Positive Coaching will get more out of an athlete than a negative one.

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