Top 3 Reasons to Attend Region 3 Congress

Region 3 Congress

I love learning about gymnastics and was fortunate to be able to attend Region 3 Congress in Dallas, Texas last weekend.  I have attended Regional and National Congresses for the past 15 years and always learn new ideas and return feeling inspired (and overwhelmed).  This year did not let me down. 

Top 3 Reasons to Attend Region 3 Congress

Gymnastics is constantly changing 

Gymnastics is a sport that continues to evolve with each season.  Each season, new skills are added to the skill charts.  In addition, every four years their are rules changes.  This year some of the biggest changes come on vault.  The Level 6/7 vault changes from a front handspring to a timer for flipping vaults (Woohoo!).  This is a huge step in making vault safer in level 8.  In addition, there are changes in Xcel Silver vault rules and in the judging of level 8, 9, and 10 routines.  Without opportunities like Congress it is challenging for coaches and judges to learn and understand the most up to date information.  Gymnastics education is a very important part of any gymnastics coach's career. 


Drills, drills, and more drills

Congress is a great opportunity to learn new drills. It is also a reminder to revisit some of the “old drills” you have used in the past.  Last, it provides coaches with reinforcement that the current drills they are doing are worthwhile and the process will be worth it in the long run.


There are many AWESOME members of the gymnastics community 

Region 3 Congress was a great reminder that there are so many great professionals in our sport. You see many gym owners, coaches, and judges volunteering their time to improve the sport. Clinicians are eager to share their ideas with everyone in attendance in order to benefit the sport, the coaches, and most importantly the athletes.  There are also hundreds of judges in attendance who have spent weeks studying and learning the new rules, attending classes, memorizing the new rules, and taking tests.  All of this hard work is in hopes of benefiting the sport and the athletes.  

I am beyond grateful have had the opportunity to attend Region 3 Congress.  While the weekend is sometimes overwhelming, and most of us return home exhausted, we also return home inspired, excited, and ready to improve ourselves, our athletes, and our sport.  I am so thankful that this educational opportunity is available!

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Hannah Thomas

Program Director

Pinnacle Gymnastics

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