Oh The Places They'll Go... The Importance of Continuing Education

It’s hard to believe that we have already begun our School Year Session at Pinnacle!  Along with our new schedule, we have also increased our staff’s knowledge with:

  • Over 200 hours of in house training
  • 106 hours of national and regional congress training
  • We are now up to over 223 YEARS of combined coaching experience.

Why do we focus on continuing education for our staff?

  • Continuing education (CE) allows our coaches to stay current on the latest skills, spotting, and coaching techniques.
  • CE is based around the premise professionals in a given area of study are looking to expand on their, already large, knowledge base
  • It allows us to stay at the top of our field: we refuse to lag behind
  • Professionals that take the time to pursue higher education will gain an edge over competitors.

Each of our staff members is dedicated to our teaching philosophy and cares about our gymnasts’ personal and physical growth.  We is excited to share our knowledge and passion with a new session of gymnasts, with many returning faces as well as new members.Staff Facts 2016

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