Coach 2 Coach: Continuing Education for Gymnastics Coaches

Coach 2 Coach - Continuing Education for Gymnastics Coaches

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the first ever Coach2Coach retreat - a continuing education for gymnastics coaches seminar - at Flip Fest camp in Crossville, Tennessee.  To date, it has been the most informative, motivating, and energetic gymnastics training I have experienced.  Coach2Coach brought in amazing coaches and instructors including Michelle Kocan, Randy Parish, Linda Thorberg, Brant Lutska, Kelsea Kocan, and Geoffrey Neely.

Coach2Coach reignited my passion as a gymnastics coach.  Anyone who knows me as a coach knows that I am crazy about my kids, and about being the best coach that I can be.  After this weekend, I have the ability to be even better.  If you still aren't convinced, check out these great reasons to consider attending the next Coach2Coach retreat - continuing education for gymnastics coaches.

continuing education for gymnastics coaches

3 Reasons to Attend Coach2Coach 

  1. Amazing instructors! The group of instructors that we worked with all weekend are among the best in the business. Many of them are reoccurring presenters at National and Regional Congresses.
  2. Tons of new ideas! With over a hundred gymnastics coaches all in one place, the amount of new skills and drills ideas was almost overwhelming.  As someone who creates lesson plans for my program, it was a fantastic resource. 
  3. Build strong relationships in the gymnastics community! It is great to learn more about skill progressions, break downs, and lesson plan ideas.  However, I think that it is just as important to build relationships within our gymnastics community.  I met and had discussions with coaches and gym owners from all over the country.  I was able to ask questions and pick the brains of some of the top gymnastics minds in the country.  That is priceless.  

To use a phrase from Michelle Kocan, gymnastics class for many kids is their “Magic Hour.”  It is the hour that they most look forward to every week.  As a coach, I am able to make it even more magical.  I might be on my fifth class of the day, but to the kids in my class it is their first class.  Our impact as coaches is huge.  I want to be a positive impact.  Coach2Coach gave me the resources to be a positive impact.    

Learn More About Positive Coaching!

See you at the gym!

Carly Ritter

Recreational Program Director

Pinnacle Gymnastics

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