What to Look for in Great Competitive Team Development Programs

What Should Parents Look for in a Team Development Program? 

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What is Team Development?

There are a wide variety of team development programs across the Nation.  These programs are geared towards helping athletes prepare for competitive gymnastics in their future.  Most team development programs select athletes based on strength, flexibility, and skill.  Gymnasts who show a natural ability for the sport are often selected at a young age.  Some team development programs focus on teaching and mastering the Junior Olympic Level 1 and 2 skills.   

Team Development5 Characteristics of a Great Team Development Program

1. Positive Coaching

When seeking a team development program for your athlete it is important to consider the coaching style.  According to the Positive Coaching Alliance, encouraging athletes with positive reinforcement helps students hear and make the necessary corrections. With that winning combination of truthful, specific praise and constructive criticism, athletic performance improves and so do the chances that kids stick with sports longer and learn all the valuable life lessons inherently available through organized competition.

2. Strong Foundation –

A team development program that creates a strong foundation for your athlete’s future is very important.  A great team development program works to balance building strength, excellent basics, and skills that will prepare your athlete for competition in the future.

3. Character & Habits -

An athlete with great character traits and work habits will go far in both sports in life. Character traits such as self-control, team work, growth mindset, and resilience will help the athlete develop a great work ethic and habits that will provide many opportunities in sports and life. It is crucial, that you find a team development program for your athlete that promote and reinforce the characters you want your child to develop.   

4. Desire for More -

Athletes who participate in a team development program should be excited to go to the gym. One of the goals of team development is to provide the athlete with a taste of what team looks like. This includes teaching the athlete routines and giving them a chance to perform their routines.  A recreational meet is a great way for a team development athlete to get a sneak peek at competition.  If a team development program practices too much or focuses more on routines than skill this increases the risk of burn out at a young age. 

5. Love of the sport –

Most importantly a team development program should foster a love of the sport. After all, if the child does not enjoy the sport they will not continue regardless of their skills and talents. Team development programs should use progressive lesson plans that teach skills with variety.  Team development athletes should be smiling and having fun while learning. 

Team Development at Pinnacle

Team development classes are for students that pass the physical abilities (strength and flexibility) evaluation.  Classes are grouped by skill level and are meant to prepare athletes for competitive gymnastics.   Each class includes a routine portion during regular class time.  Athletes enrolled in these classes will compete in the recreational meets held at Pinnacle in December and May each year.


  • Age: Gymnasts must be between 5 and 9 years old
  • Skill: Gymnasts must meet basic element requirements
  • Strength and Flexibility: Gymnasts must meet rigorous strength and flexibility requirements
  • Commitment: Gymnasts in this level do not have to compete, however, registration for the recreational meets at Pinnacle is included in tuition

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