How to Make a Tape Grip

How to Make a Tape Grip

When gymnasts come home with rips, parents frequently ask what they can do to heal the current blister and prevent future rips from forming.  While some swear by bag balm or udder balm, some Neosporin  or vitamin E work just as well to repair the broken skin forming a callus. . This callus will help prevent future rips.  

As far as actions you can take to prevent future rips, well, that's a question all gymnasts are still asking.  However, gymnasts normally go through rips in cycles.  Once the hands callus back up, a gymnast will not rip as frequently for a while.  

How to make a tape grip

In the mean time, consider investing in a roll of tape and helping your child make a tape grip or two to keep in her locker.  Whether she wears dowel grips or not, a tape grip can provide some temporary relief and allow the athlete to continue training. 

1. Take one piece of tape, about 16 inches long, and fold in half, hot dog style

2. Bend the hot dog style piece in half and line up end to end

3. Use the roll of tape to tape down one side leaving a space for the finger hole at the top

4. Continue taping to the underside and tear just before the finger hole

Coaches are generally professionals when it comes to making tape grips and can typically help out.  Be sure to bring your own tape and to let the coach know before practice begins so that they don't have to take away from instruction to construct tape grips. 

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