7 Best Beam Routines of All Time

With gymnastics season ending so suddenly, many of us missed out on the opportunity to see some of the best gymnastics of the season.  For those of you who wish there was more to watch, here are seven of my favorite beam routines.  After you watch all the routines join in the fun of creating your own sidewalk chalk routine with your favorite skills.  

7 Must See Beam Routines

1.  Simone Biles - 2019 World Championships

What to watch:

  • The confidence in her landings
  • The double twisting double back dismount.  The skill is named the "Biles" as she was the first gymnast to ever compete the dismount.  

2.  Laurie Hernandez - 2016 Olympics

What to watch:

  • The quality of her movement and presentation.
  • The strength and dynamics of her arms on her landings.

3.  Shawn Johnson - 2008 Olympics

What to watch:

  • The height of her layout two feet in her acro series.  
  • The standing tuck full. 

4.  Carly Patterson - 2004 Olympics

What to watch:

  • The standing arabian.  
  • The round off, back handspring, double arabian dismount, named after Carly Patterson. 

5.  Shannon Miller - 1996 Olympics

What to watch:

  • The full twisting back handspring.  
  • The split positions and toe point throughout.

6.  Kim Zmeskal - 1992 World Championships

What to watch:

  • The signature Kim Zmeskal mount.
  • The rhythm and exactness in her presentation. 

7.  Nadia Comaneci - 1976 Olympics

What to watch:

  • The aerial back handspring combination.
  • The fluidity of movement. 

Try Your Own Routine!

Screen Shot 2020-04-14 at 1.41.32 PM

Use your creativity to create your own beam routine.  Try using a combination of the skills from the routines above to create your chalk beam routine.

  1. Draw a beam with sidewalk chalk.
  2. Lie on the sidewalk in different positions to create the skills in your routine. 
  3. Put all of the pictures together to make a routine video. 
  4. Watch an example!

I hope these routine inspire you to create your own unique routine.  Be sure to share your routines with Pinnacle on facebook, instagram, or twitter. 

Hannah Thomas
Pinnacle Gymnastics
Program Director

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