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Positive Gymnastics CoachingDoes positive gymnastics coaching exist?  It not only exists, it lives.  With nearly 100% of our staff in attendance, Pinnacle Gymnastics enjoyed a Positive Coaching Alliance workshop.  Our staff was privileged to hear the personal experiences and expertise of James Perry, current athletic director in Huntington Beach and former collegiate basketball player and coach.

Our Gymnastics Coaching Mission

The mission of Pinnacle Gymnastics is to encourage youth to reach their physical and mental potential through gymnastics.  Perry giggled as our staff was able to recite this mission upon command.  The mission is not just a statement, it is a culture.  Our staff is trained to instruct children in a way that not only makes them better gymnasts but better people as well.  The life lessons learned within our sport carry far beyond the walls of Pinnacle and into everyday life.

The Double Goal Coach

Positive Gymnastics Coaching PerryThe workshop led by Perry, titled "The Double Goal Coach", emphasized both sides of the coaching paradigm: winning and (the more important goal) teaching life lessons through sport.  Winning is a natural desire for coaches and athletes alike.  Also, it is important.  Competitive athletes and coaches alike are more excited after a win than a loss.  However, winning is a second tier goal under the more important promise: teaching life lessons through sport.  When athletes are taught through fundamental processes and respect for ROOTS (rules, opponents, officials, team, self), the results handle themselves.  Programs have far more long term success when they embody the Positive Coaching Alliance's

The Plus / Minus Ratio

Positive Gymnastics Coaches - If there is one thing all coaches can do to improve, it is improve upon their plus / minus ratio.  The plus / minus ratio is the ratio of positive feedback to corrective or negative feedback and athlete receives.  For every one negative or corrective statement, an athlete should receive five positive messages.  Positive feedback takes place in many forms.  Whether it is verbal or non-verbal, positive feedback has the power to transform an athlete from good to great.

in conclusion, coaching gymnastics is very similar to coaching many other youth sports.  We are proud to be partners with Positive Coaching Alliance and look forward to transferring their ideas into our gymnastics coaching style.

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