Travel Around the World for Our Kindergarten Summer Enrichment

Travel Around the World for Our Kindergarten Summer Enrichment 

Students entering Kindergarten and Pre-K are invited to travel around the world with the Gym and Learn Summer Enrichment program!  Join us on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30-3:30, for an afternoon filled with learning and gymnastics.  Each student will receive a passport and will learn about a different country or continent each week.  We will also work on letter and number themed activities, based on the country. Help your child avoid the summer slide by joining this fun program today!
Kindergarten Summer Enrichment

More About Summer Kindergarten Enrichment 2019

  • Summer Enrichment is led by Gym and Learn Director, Kirsten Conrad
  • Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 12:30-3:30pm
  • Twice a week is recommended.  One day options are available. 
  • $180 per month (2 days per week)
  • June 4 - July 30

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June 4th and 6th: Australia

  • Listen to music made by a Didgeridoo and make our own
  • Learn about the different animal habitats located in Australia and what animals live there
  • Create our own classroom Great Barrier Reef and study the different fish

June 11th and 13th: China

  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year and create our own lanterns
  • Learn to count to 10 in Chinese
  • Build our own Great Wall of China and test it's strength using STEM concepts

June 18th and 20th: France

  • Learn about various French artists and have a chance to create our own art in the same way
  • Taste some snacks from France
  • Read some books about classrooms in France and compare and contrast to our own school

June 25th and 27th: United States

  • Learn interesting facts about each state
  • Study the different presidents and how they helped our country
  • Celebrate the Fourth of July 

July 9th and 11th: India

  • View and explore the money from India
  • Learn a Bollywood Dance and explore the clothing of the Indian culture
  • Create our own Mandalas throughout our classroom

July 16th and 18th: Africa

  • Study the various animals located on an African Safari
  • Listen to African music from different regions and explore the culture behind it
  • Learn and create yoga poses for various animals from Africa

July 30th: Antartica

  • Learn about the scientists that study on Antartica
  • Create our own snow and ice
  • Learn how penguins stay dry and warm through science experiments

Enroll in Summer Enrichment

Looking for a Different Summer Camp Option? 

Pinnacle offers a wide variety of summer camps for children of all ages (3 and up).  Our day camps, enrichment camps, and stay through options are sure to provide the perfect indoor summer activity for your active child.  

Thrilling Thursday Summer camp 2019

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