Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City

Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City

Gymnastics Kansas CityPinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City has made a home for itself in the metro.  Owner, Morgan Kuchynka, grew up in the area.  Since the age of 6, Kuchynka, has been involved in Kansas City gymnastics, both as an athlete and coach since 1991.  After reaching the pinnacle of her competitive career as a level 10 athlete, Kuchynka realized that many gymnasts, including herself, quit the sport before reaching their true potential.  Thus, after bouncing through majors in college, finally setting on a business degree, Kuchynka came to the decision to open her own facility.  "I wanted to do it a different way," Kuchynka told First National Bank in an interview. "... too many kids burn out of gymnastics before they have reached their potential."

Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City opened in 2005.  The gym occupied a 6,000 square footndustrial space in Shawnee, KS.  Starting with recreational and low level team, Pinnacle built a customer base and culture that fostered a love for the sport in a family atmosphere both in and out of the gym.  As the program expanded, Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City expanded to its second location in July of 2008.  With additional space, Pinnacle added new programming including tumbling, gym and learn, skill clinics, camps, and Junior Olympic and Xcel competitive teams.

Building a Balanced Gymnastics Program

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According to the Positive Coaching Alliance, 70% of kids will not play an organized sport again after their thirteenth birthday.  This stunning statistic shocks most parents.  Many parents have candid memories of playing sports throughout their childhood.  Children learn life lessons through sports.  Dedication, perseverance, team work, and more are prevalent in gymnastics classes.  The two main reasons children continue in sport are: they feel like they can improve and it is fun.  Those two goals can be accomplished through positive coaching.

Recently, Pinnacle partnered with the Positive Coaching Alliance.  This partnership extending through 2020, provides additional tools and resources for staff, and a culture that demonstrates the power of positivity gives our athletes experiences they will carry with them forever.  At Pinnacle, it is not just about gymnastics.  It is about teaching life lessons through sport.  "My entire philosophy has been finding a healthy home, school, gym-life balance to keep kids in the sport as long as they want to be in the sport, without burning out", Kuchynka says.

In addition, Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City offers gymnastics instruction for all ages and abilities.  With classes for preschoolers, high schoolers, through adults, Pinnacle's programs span the communities needs.

Gymnastics Programs

Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City's Premier Program

Since opening our doors in 2005, Pinnacle has been a member of the Shawnee and surrounding communities.  In 2008, Pinnacle increased its size moving to a 12,000+ square foot facility along the K-7 corridor.  Customers travel easily, though reaching the far North and South ends along the K-7 corridor.  Others travel from Lawrence or as far east as Kansas City, Missouri to participate in their weekly classes.

As Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City has expanded its customer base, the need for additional space has turned into the construction of a new facility.  With over 1400 weekly participants, Pinnacle is ready to add additional equipment, viewing space, and programming - to do so requires a larger facility.

The new 17,700 square foot facility boasts an expanded pit area.  This addition makes it safer for our athletes to train and learn new skills.  Reducing the impact of landings and providing multiple landing surfaces helps take tactical preparation from the foundation to execution stage. Additionally, a second set of recreational equipment provides even more specialized equipment. Now, Pinnacle will have preschool, beginner recreational, advanced recreational, team, and even ninja training areas!

Also relevant, parents will be able to observe through our two story viewing area.  In conclusion, we can't wait to share our new facility with all of Kansas City!



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