The Future of The Foam Pit

Foam pit training is a staple in most gymnastics facilities.  When building a facility from the ground up, one can take advantage of pit customization.

The Future of the Foam Pit

Foam pit training is not a fail proof.  However, it does reduce impact and fear.  When people think of gymnastics pits, they frequently think of the in ground pits with foam blocks strewn about. While foam block pits are still a part of most facilities, new pit landings allow for a well rounded facility.  Now, pits go beyond foam blocks.

Resi Pits

Resi pits are mats that have been placed in ground to reduce impact on landings.  Instead of many foam blocks, resi pits are made of a single piece of medium density foam.  Typically between 24 and 32 inches in depth, resi pits are perfect for landing new skills in a safe and low impact setting.


bagjump imageA BagJump is an air pit, commonly used for ski jump and BMX training.  The BagJump has several bladders allowing the air to disperse without a catapult effect.  This air pit is more cleanly, lasts longer, and is better for the air than a foam pit.  Our BagJump will be for vault and floor landings.

Fast Fluff Pit Fluffer

Another new addition to pits are automatic fluffing systems.  In the past, gyms (and athletes) have fluffed and cleaned pits by entering the pit and throwing out each block.  Then, the pit is cleaned and blocks return creating additional air pockets for safer landings.  Now, a pit fluffing system exists to do this job in a matter of minutes, saving time, energy, and injuries.  Our Fast Fluff system will be in the bar foam block pit.

Finally, each facility has to create pit space based upon what space is available to them.  In ground, above ground, and air pits should be taken into consideration to maximize the safety of athletes.  Most relevant, maintaining a maintenance and cleaning schedule for all pits will help keep gyms looking and performing their best!

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