Fun Kids Fitness

Fun Kids Fitness

Fitness for youth is extremely important in their daily lives. It has tremendous impacts on all aspects of their wellbeing. Fun kids fitness will make keeping kids active easy.  Physically, fitness can impact every system within their body. It improves their muscular fitness and strength, improves metabolism to promote growth, strengthens their bone structure, improves neural control of the body, and improves their cardiorespiratory fitness. Not only does this effect their physical state, but their mental state as well. 

Fun Kids Fitness

Physical activity helps a child become more confident and develops their social skills when physical activity occurs in a social setting such as team sports, recess, or classes. It also stimulates the brain to develop new skills and processes quicker. This not only correlates to physical skills, but mental skills as well. There are problem solving situations that can occur during physical activity and it is important to include when creating physical activity programming. Physical activity also establishes habits to live a healthy lifestyle when consistent activity is accumulated for a long period of time.

 WORKOUT With Your Kids

Fun Kids Fitness Ideas 

Fun Kids Fitness Adults Call it Working Out. Kids Call It Playing.

According to the World Organization of Health (WHO), youth between the ages of 5-17 should accumulate 60 minutes of activity daily. Anything greater that 60 minutes provides additional benefits. The physical activity should include aerobic and moderate-vigorous activity. Most types of activity youth participate in involve aerobic exercises such as running, playing, etc. Aerobic activity should be included daily. Moderate-vigorous activity should be included at least 3 days per week.  This type of activity includes activity that are bone or muscle strengthening such as jumping, pushing, pulling, etc. It is also recommended that the 60-minute goal should be met through multiple bouts of activity a day.

Ninja classes for kids are a great way to meet these recommendations from WHO. Ninja classes run for 50 minutes and incorporate aerobic and vigorous exercises. Throughout class young ninjas complete skills that develop flexibility, coordination, strength, agility, and muscle control. Ninja is also structured to provide social interactions and problem-solving skills of how to conquer certain obstacles.


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