Fostering Family Moments in a Busy World

It seems as if our world is constantly moving and flowing.  Families are busier than ever, and finding time to sit down as a family can be tricky. Making family time a priority can be tricky, but taking a few moments to plan for family time will be worth it.  Check out these tips and tricks for ways to help your family plan for family times together.
Fostering Family Moments in a Busy World

Family Time Tips and Tricks

These quick tips and tricks will help you make sure you clock in some family time each week. Remember, it is about trying to fit in some time whenever possible, do not stress over making sure you fit in scheduled time each day.  Your children will remember the quality time more than quantity, so taking a chance to spend time focused on your children is the most important part, even if it is only five minutes.

Family Meetings: Try to plan a family meeting once a month.  At this meeting, your family will have a chance to all sit down and discuss the upcoming events and issues for your family.  You can plan out the fun family events for the next month, any issues that are challenging your family, and anything else that your family may want to plan.  

Breakfast Bonding: You do not need to bond over just dinner.  You can take a moment at any meal, even breakfast.  Take a moment to make breakfast for your family and sit down to discuss all the fun items coming up for your family that day. Children will love the chance of routine and the chance to bond before heading off to school or activities.

Car Rides: Car rides are one of my favorite ways to bond with my kids.  Taking the ride to practice, home from school, or any other time is the perfect time to chat about your child's day.  I also like to take a moment to talk to them about the event they are headed to, and make sure they are ready to enjoy whatever it is they are doing.  You can also teach in the car!  Check out this fun post about ways to teach your preschooler in the car.

Family Activity: At a family meeting, you can discuss or vote for a family activity. Whether it is art time, hiking, gardening, or more, you and your family can pick an activity to do together.  Don't forget, this is a family hobby, so try your best to make sure it is something you always do together.  Taking this time will be a great way for your family to learn a skill, stay in shape, and bond!

Three Hour Staycation: Not able to plan a full week vacation right now? Plan a three hour Staycation!  Pick a fun activity, such as the aquarium, zoo, ball game, or museum and head out as a family.  Make sure you treat it as a vacation, so try to spend as much time as possible.  Put down the phone and enjoy spending the time with your kids.

Special Treat Time: Want to be your child's favorite?  Sneak some special one on one time with each child.  You can take them somewhere, grab something fun, take a walk, or anything else for this fun time.  Make sure you take a moment with each child and find a way to bond specifically with that child.

The secret for family time is simple, make it a priority. When you take the time to plan for your family moments, you will find that it becomes easier and easier to accomplish.  Start with a family meeting and give each member a chance to speak up with what they would like to do.  It is important to make sure everyone's ideas are valid and completed. Keep to the plan and it will quickly become some of your favorite moments.

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