5 Fun Staycation Ideas for Families

Ahh, it's 63 degrees today and I can just smell spring in the air. Yes, it'll get cold again and with my luck it'll probably snow in the next two weeks.  I mean, it is still February!  But these warm winter days get my heart fluttering and my mind dreaming about spring break. I just love this week off of school, when things slow down and you can regroup and recharge. It's time well spent with family, but it's not always in the budget to fly away to the tropics. This year, I'll be planning a spring break  "staycation".

5 Fun Staycation Ideas

What is the definition of staycation you ask?

A staycation is a vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. Staycations can be loads of fun, if you've done your homework and you're well organized. Below are just a couple of staycation ideas your children are sure to enjoy. 

1. Ride a Train

What kid (or adult for that matter) isn't fascinated with trains? What a fun way to see the country side and sights close to home, all in the comfort of your seat? Get the kids involved and pull up a map, let them have a say in where to go or what stops to make. 

2. Have a "Yes" Day

Surprise your children and let each child have a special "yes" day. A "Yes" day means that mom and dad say "yes" to everything (to a certain extent of course). "Yes" to ice cream for breakfast. "Yes" to going roller skating or McDonald's for lunch. And even "yes" to sleeping in a sleeping bag in a homemade indoor fort. On this day, you'll let your little ones call the shots.

3. Let Your Child Play Photographer

We all know what can happen when your child gets a hold of your phone: it's either selfie after selfie or video after video, all of absolutely ridiculous things. Why not go to a local park or museum and let them "play" photographer for the day. When all's said and done, make it special by creating a memory album with his pictures. 

4. Have a Camp-Out Indoors

Why not bring the 'Great Outdoors', indoors? Set up a tent or a kid constructed fort inside and don't forget the sleeping bags and flashlights. Tell ghost stories, read books, make s'mores in the microwave, and let your imagination go wild. Don't forget the foil packet dinner, which tastes just as good made in the oven. 

5. Stay in a Hotel for the Night

This is a perfect option for families short on time and money, but still wanting a little getaway. The kids love jumping on the bed and swimming in the indoor pool. For them, this one night away might be equal to an entire week! Try to stay somewhere downtown or in an area not frequented by your family. Walking distance to a museum or theme park is even better.

These activities are sure to be fun and memorable without blowing the bank account. Don't hesitate to be creative and remember to cherish even the small moments, no matter how simple. Believe it or not, your children will appreciate and remember this time well spent. 

Spring Break StayCation Ideas

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