5 Tricks and Tips to Have a Great Easter in Quarantine

Finding myself will some extra time on my hands during this COVID-19 outbreak, I have been reading some mom's groups on Facebook.  More than once, people have asked if the Easter Bunny should still come during this time?  My simple answer is, YES, of course!  If the Easter Bunny is one of your normal family traditions, then by all means he should visit this year as well!

Tips for a great Easter in quarantine

Why is Easter Important?

Everything in your child's life is currently upended.  Their school, sports, and friends have suddenly been switched to  a virtual life, one without physical and real contact.  Even the youngest children are adjusting to a new schedule, in many cases, one with parents home (or not, if their parents are essential). Providing the consistency of their normal activities is key.  Allowing them a chance to escape this new normal, even for a day, is something that children will enjoy and appreciate.

Some Quick Tips and Tricks to Have a Great Easter

Here are some quick tips and tricks to turn this Easter into a great one.  You will probably need to make some adjustments, but you can still celebrate the best way possible!

  1. Start Thinking About Baskets Now.  Due to social distancing, everyone is supposed to avoid stores and public spaces as much as possible. If you are like me, you typically pick up items as you go for your child's baskets and egg hunt.  This year is different. I had to sit down and think about what items I wanted and attack head on. Normally, I pick out items that are for the park or different areas, but this year I leaned more on workbooks, art supplies, their favorite snacks, and things we can do at home.  Also, look at your shipping dates if ordering online.  I ended up purchases about half of my items on Amazon and then picked up the other half when I had to run out to the store for fresh produce and other essentials around our house. 
  2. Paint Rocks Instead of Eggs. Hear me out!  Eggs, right now, can be some what difficult to come by.  If your family is like mine, and typically will not eat the eggs after they have been colored, right now is probably not the best time to be wasting food.  If you normally color eggs, consider painting rocks instead.  This fun activity is a great way to still celebrate the holiday and allows for a great creative outlet. Then the rocks can be hid around the yard and children can find them!  Even better, after Easter is over, you can write some positive sayings on the back and hide the around a local park (keeping social distancing and away from the playgrounds) for other to enjoy!
  3. Creative Ideas for Your Plastic Eggs. Want to mix it up and not fill your eggs with candy? Again, think outside the box. During our egg hunt, each of my children have a color egg that they have to find. This year, instead of candy, each child will have a LEGO set in their eggs.  A few pieces in each egg will bring in the fun and still provide something my children will actually enjoy. You can also fill eggs with the surprise bags, LOL doll pieces, etc.  Even better, my children were going to get the LEGO set in their basket anyway, so it helps save money on candy and trinkets that neither they, nor I need!
  4. Send Easter Cards. We often visit family for Easter, but that is out the window this year.  My husband and I are both fortunate to have Grandparents still around, and they are all struggling with this self isolation.  The kids and I made Easter cards for them, and put in a special note about how we are thinking about them. I also plan on giving each of them a FaceTime call on Easter to check in and make sure they are doing ok!
  5. Take Advantage of Online Activities and Services. Look online and you will find lots of different activities and games for Easter.  Take a chance for your family to enjoy these activities and play the games together.  Some of them will be new and exciting activities that you might add to your annual tradition.

This Easter is going to be slower and more simple, and I am actually looking forward to it.  It will allow me a chance, as I have been doing the past few weeks, to slow down and enjoy my family. I am excited to spend the day with the four of us and take a chance to laugh, play, and enjoy each other. We will probably do a drive by to some of our families' homes to wave and say hello, and simply enjoy the day.  I hope you take a chance to make this holiday a special day for you and your family.

easter in quarantine

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