SOLO Plastic Cup Activities for Kids

Are you looking for some creative activities to keep your preschooler and school-age child busy? Already have a stack of SOLO cups from your last get together? How about a bulging bin of art supplies? Listed below are just a couple easy SOLO cup  related activities that are sure to be a hit with your child.  These activities are designed to  engage your child and stretch their thinking, which is perfect for your curious kiddos. 

5 Fun Solo Cup Activities for Kids

SOLO Cup Building Challenge

How high can your child build a structure? Can she create a bridge? What about shapes: a square, rectangle, triangle? These are just a few questions to ask your child. Using just the SOLO cups, some popsicle sticks, and your engaging questions, let your child's imagination go wild. 

Cat in the Hat Cup Stacking Challenge

This challenge will require Solo cups, paper or index cards, and The Cat in the Hat book. You'll want to start by cutting squares of paper appropriate to the size of the cups you're using. Next, set out a stack of cups and the paper squares and ask your child to start stacking the cat's hat. Make sure to read The Cat in the Hat book while he's stacking or before, to set the tone. This activity combines STEM and literacy in one easy activity. 

plastic cup hummingbird

SOLO Cup Hummingbird Feeder

This easy DIY project will be attracting hummingbirds to your garden in no time. You'll need a SOLO cup, a marker, scissors and some string. With a marker you'll draw two half moon shapes on both sides of the cup, 2 inches from the bottom. Next, you'll poke two holes on both sides of the cup, just under the rim. Cut a piece of string or twine, your choice of length, and run through the holes at the top, knotting the two ends. Lastly, you'll fill your new feeder with homemade hummingbird nectar. Your bird feeder is now ready! Find a place, somewhat close to a window so you can observe the many hummingbirds coming to feed. 

Plastic SOLO Cup Phones

Oh my gosh, this activity brings back memories. Remember the days when phones were attached to the wall? Unfortunately (or fortunately?) our children have no clue what we're talking about, but making a SOLO cup phone will be a fun way to teach your child about the science of sound. You'll simply need 2 plastic cups, 20 feet of string or yarn, a sharpened pencil and 2 paper clips (optional). To get started, poke a small hole at the bottom of each cup with your sharpened pencil. Next. thread the string through the hole of one cup and tie a knot in the yarn on the inside of the cup to keep it in place. If the string slips through the hole, simply tie it to a paperclip to help keep it in place. Now, you'll need to pull the other end of the string through the bottom of your second cup, securing it in place as well. You're now ready to make a "phone call". Remember to keep the yarn taught and listen carefully. When one person whispers in their cup, the other should be able to their voice in their own cup. 

plastic cup greenhouse

SOLO Cup Greenhouse

Plastic cup greenhouses are perfect for planting with kids, and super simple too. All you need for this activity is plastic SOLO cups, clear plastic cups (slightly smaller than your SOLO cups), a push pin, potting soil, seeds, and water. Start out by using your push pin to poke several holes in the bottom of your SOLO cup, to allow for drainage. Now, fill your cup with potting soil and carefully place your seeds in your soil-filled cup. Don't forget to cover your seeds with a bit more soil and pat it down gently. Next, give your seeds a drink of water and place your clear cup over your SOLO cup to form a greenhouse. This will lock in the moisture and warmth, which is the perfect environment for your seeds to germinate quickly. You'll have a living plant in no time! 

Happy Playing! 

Lisa Heitz
Pinnacle Gymnastics
Preschool Manager

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