10 Fun Ways to Climb a Rock Wall

A rock wall is one of the most efficient ways to increase grip and upper body strength while still having fun. As athletes progress through each of the challenges core strength becomes more important because they're not able to utilize both hands and feet. Start the easy challenges off with the vertical climb. Then, add in props to allow athletes to go sideways, vertical, and back down. As progress is made, more props can be added. 

Fun Ways to Climb a Rock Wall

You can also add games such as hunting for certain letter shaped rocks through out the wall. These games incorporate a mixture of maneuvering through the wall and also get their brains going by having to search for certain things in a certain order.

Advanced wall skills take a certain kind of concentration and upper body/ core strength. Kids can work on different techniques using less parts of their body and relying solely on grip and ability. One rock color only can allow for a variation of things depending on how far apart the rocks are posted. The final three challenges require the most concentration and upper body strength because use of feet are lessened or even taken completely out of the equation. 

10 Fun Rock Wall Challenges To Try

Easy Rock Wall Challenges

  1. Climb Vertically: Climb all the way to the top, climb half way to the top or even climb to a specific rock hanging on the wall. 

  2. Climb Horizontally: Climbing laterally across the wall, climbing to the next color of the wall or climbing a certain distance. 

  3. Climb Around the Noodles: A mixture of climbing laterally and vertically throughout the wall. 

Moderate Rock Wall Challenges

  1. Climb through the Spider: A mixture of climbing laterally and vertically throughout out the wall and through obstacles. 

  2. Climb through the Hula-Hoops:  A mixture of climbing laterally and vertically throughout out the wall and through obstacles. 

  3. Climb on a Letter Hunt: A way to challenge the brain while keeping it fun and working on different ways to maneuver through the wall. 

Advanced Rock wall Challenges

  1. Climb on One Rock Color Only: A simpler challenge that requires some advanced skill based off how far the colors are apart. 

  2. Climb with Two Hands and One Foot: Two hands on the rock one foot on the rock while climbing lateral or horizontal. 

  3. Climb over to Cliff Hanger: This is mixing two skills into one obstacle. The athlete must shift their body laterally without any use of feet once released from rock wall. 

  4. Climb Hands Only (Advanced): No feet at all are involved.  Athletes can go through various challenges as well as just lateral and vertical. 

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