Find the Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Gymnast!

What Does a Gymnast Want for Christmas?

Looking for the perfect gift for your gymnast this holiday season?  Check out this list below to find the perfect gift.

 7 Christmas Gifts Your Gymnast Will Love

What does a gymnast want for Christmas?1.  Leotards-  Every gymnast loves a new leotard and there are a lot of options when it comes to finding the perfect leotard for your gymnast.  Check out the Ultimate Gymnastics Leotard Buying Guide for tips on finding the perfect fit, fabric, and brand.

What does a gymnast want for Christmas?2.  Home Equipment - Looking for the perfect at home mat, beam, or bar for your gymnast to practice on?  There are many great home options available.  One of our favorite at home lines is the Simone Biles Signature Line by Speith Andreson.  When making a selection for your young athlete be sure to consider the size of the equipment, the quality of the equipment, the matting that is required to keep your gymnast safe, and your gymnast's skill level.  More advanced skill are best saved for practicing in the gym.

3.  Extra time in the gym - Gymnasts love to have more time in the gym to practice, play, and burn off energy.  Consider getting your gymnast the gift of gym time.  Wrap up a Drop In Gymnastics punch card, a gift certificate for an additional class each week, or a gift certificate for a special skill clinic or activity.

What does a gymnast want for Christmas?4.  Camp-  Are you feeling like your gymnast does not need one more item in your home?  Give your gymnast an experience they won't forget.  Consider gifting a young gymnast with a Winter Break Day Camp or a week of Summer Camp.  They will love choosing their camp and getting to participate in gymnastics, crafts, games, and more.  Plus you will love having a few hours kids free.  Camp is also an awesome option for your competitive gymnast.  Check out these tips for selecting the perfect camp for your competitive gymnast.  

5.  Team Apparel -  Athletes love to wear gear that supports their favorite team.  Some favorites are hoodies, campus t's, and team leggings.  Consider purchasing Pinnacle gear, team USA apparel, or your gymnast's favorite college gym team gear.  

6.  Books -  There are lots of great books written for and by gymnasts.  You can find picture books, fiction, non-fiction, and autobiographies.  The best part is that nearly all gymnastics books will teach lessons of hard work, triumph, and overcoming adversity.  In addition, your gymnasts will likely find them very relateable.  

What does a gymnast want for Christmas?7.  Meet Tickets -   Gymnasts love to watch their idols compete.  Consider buying tickets for your athlete to either a college gymnastics meet or an elite meet.  The 2018 College National Championships are coming to St. Louis in April and this is the ultimate gymnastics experience.  This provides an opportunity for you and your child to spend time together and is sure to be a memorable time.  

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your gymnast?

Items for your daughter's gym bag make for perfect stocking gifts.  Consider a few of the following ideas: 

      • Pre-Wrap
      • Athletic Tape
      • Grip Bag 
      • Hair Accessories
      • Headband
      • Socks
      • Water bottle 
      • Ice Packs
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