Top Five Streaming TV Shows for Preschoolers

Screen time is inevitable for most preschoolers.  While parents understand that screen time should be limited, there are still moments for every parent when they need their child to be occupied for a couple of minutes.  When you do, you want your preschooler to sit down and learn while they are watching.  Check out these top five streaming TV shows for your preschooler.

Top 5 Streaming Shows for Preschoolers

Top Five Shows and Where to Find Them

  1. Story Bots: This show is a hidden gem for many preschoolers!  This show is a super fun show filled with five different bots that help answer questions from children.  The bots walk the children through all the parts of these items, from computers to how eyes see.  Your child will love the quirky bots and will learn about all sorts of facts from their world.  Found on Netflix.
  2. Daniel Tiger: One of the best shows out there for your preschooler!  This show uses quick and fun songs to help your preschooler work through the problems of their life, from potty training to waiting their turn.  You will find your child (and yourself) singing these songs to help get through your day.  This show is based off a character from Mr. Rodger's Neighborhood and is a wholesome show for the whole family.  Found on Netflix.
  3. Super Why: Looking for a show to help your preschooler with letters? Super Why is the one for you!  It is a fun show that works on letters, spelling, phonics, and so much more. This show incorporates your child in the fun and often asks questions directly to the viewer.  This will help your child engage in the activity and work along with the characters. Each episode has a different problem to solve, which is perfect for your preschooler to work on problem solving.  Found on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
  4. Bluey: Bluey is my go to when I need a quick episode for my child.  The episodes are only 8 minutes long, so they are a great quick break.  Bluey works on character and social development for your child, and they work through struggles and problems your child may face.  Along with these skills, Bluey is funny and engaging, perfect for the whole family.  Found on Disney+.
  5. Wild Kratts: If you have a bit of an older preschooler (around age 4) I recommend Wild Kratts. The Kratt brothers learn about a different animal each episode and they use the powers from the animal to save the day.  This is a super fun show that fills your child with animal facts and adventure.  I love that my children come up with facts that even I did not know, and they run off to pretend to use their animal powers in the back yard.  Found on Netflix. 

As a mom, I know it can be tricky to let your children sit in front of a screen. Hopefully these shows will let you feel a bit more at ease knowing your children are working on academic, emotional, and problem solving skills.  Children will love a chance to play along with these characters and you can relax knowing these shows are wholesome and age appropriate for your preschooler! 

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