Tips to Help Moms Find Balance

Tips to Help Moms Find Balance

Let’s talk about balance. No- I’m not talking about balancing on a beam. I’m talking about how we balance friends and family, social time and work, sleep and exercise. Balancing our lives is easier said than done. We juggle so many tasks that sometimes we lose sight of what we physically, mentally, or emotionally need. It is important for us to understand what a balanced life looks like and how we achieve it. Developing a balanced life is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Here are some tips to help you create a balanced life:

3 Quick Tips to create balance for moms

1. Prioritize

Know what parts of your life deserve the most attention. For example- although binge watching tv show is sometimes almost therapeutic, when we do it regularly we start to neglect other parts of our lives that need attention like socially interacting with friends or exercising. What is important to you?

2. Find Accountability.

We are only human. With an accountability system, we are more likely to push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. Our friends hold us accountable. Our spouses hold us accountable. Our children hold us accountable. What drives you?

3. Set Goals.

By setting achievable goals with reasonable deadlines, we are pushing ourselves to be more balanced. We can’t spend all our time exercising when we can to lose a few pounds, but we can make sure we are balancing exercise and proper nutrition. What will it take for you to feel well balanced?

Pick 3 Each Day.

Finally, Pick Three

There are five key categories to our daily lives.  They involve: Family, Work, Fitness, and Sleep. Each day, set out to choose three of these components to a healthy, balanced life. Adult fitness is just as important over the course of a week as finding times to spend with your children.  When we try to do it all, we tip the scales and end up in a worse situation than we started.  By focusing on three main components each day, we can balance our week to provide the mental and physical balance we need to be productive and happy.

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