The Best Gymnastics Equipment for Kids

Looking for the Best Gymnastics Equipment for Kids?

Check out the new beginner recreational equipment at Pinnacle Gymnastics!  Our new space has the best gymnastics equipment for kids.  Having properly sized gymnastics equipment in an important part of skill development.  Beginner recreational equipment provides the right balance of height and matting to make your athlete feel safe while learning new skills. 

rec class equipment-1.png

Our beginner recreational gymnastics equipment is perfect for your child!  This flexible space includes an in ground trampoline, spring boards, miniature vault table, skill mats, and more!  Vault and floor are convertible spaces and can change locations as needed.  As the equipment is mobile and the flooring is the same for both, our athletes have the opportunity to do a variety of drills for proper skill progressions. 

Beginner Rec Vault.png

A new addition to our recreational gymnastics equipment is the 5 in 1 bar system. This convertible set of bars can be used as single bars, uneven bars, and parallel bars!  This unique combination allows young athletes to perform a huge variety of drill that help develop bar skills.  In addition, we have a wall bar that makes learning a pull over easier than ever!  Gymnasts progress through a series of skill stations on each of the four bar stations. 

beginner rec bars-3.png

The best recreational equipment for kids on balance beam includes multiple low beams, a line, a beam expander, and lots of repetition.  Gymnasts learn to mount and dismount the beam safely.  Lines and low beams are used to train future beam skills in a fear-free, tear-free way.  The line provides a way to perform the large amount of repetitions necessary to be ready to transfer skills to the beam.  

Beginner Rec Beam.png

We hope to see you soon at Pinnacle Gymnastics!  Our Recreational Program Director would love to hear from you. 

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