The 18 Hour Day

Every parent and hard working individual can relate to the dreaded: 18 Hour Day (sometimes worse, but let's round down). The days when duty takes over desire. The days when you feel like you are just constantly trying to check something off the list, but never get to enjoy what was crossed off. That is what it takes (on occasion) to be truly good at what you do.

Sometimes, by 10am, we hope for the reset button. Some days, by 11pm, we are wishing for a 6 hour extension. But eventually, at the end of the stretch of the 18 hour days, there is relief. A feeling of success. Or maybe just rest.

Drink a Pepsi, eat some chocolate (Godiva 50% Cacao with Sea Salt if I am choosing), go for a 30-minute run. The 18 Hour Day will be waiting for you when you return. And if it's not, well didn't that pay off...


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