Simply Said, A Thank You for the Preschool Parent

Dear Preschool Parents:

It is time for a thank you for the preschool parent.  The person that does the research to find the program, the difficult drop offs and the wonderful pick ups.  As the second sememster is starting, my favorite part of the year is upon us.  My students know what to expect, pretty much each child runs into class ready for the day and they leave with a simple goodbye.  They know what behavior I expect in class, and typically comply.  I get a chance to enjoy the kids and relax for a brief moment.

I found myself reflecting on this fact this morning.  I have a great group of parents this year and they deserve an incredible thank you.  So for all my Gym and Learn parents, and preschool parents in general, this is for you.


Thank you for letting me be in charge.  I know this is hard, as we all have our own way of parenting and have our own list of what is important in our lives and to our families.  Still, when your children walk into my room, they understand that what I say goes.  That the rules are here for a reason, even if they are different than at home.  This doesn’t just happen from the teachers, but from reinforcement from home.  I know there are conversations about Ms. Kirsten’s rules, and I know that you encourage your children to listen to their teacher.  

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Thank you for understanding when things are a little crazy.  I do have a plan each day, but I also have 16 unpredictable kids.  Things do not always go to plan, and I appreciate the smile at the end of the day when you see that.  That you understand that we may have had to call an audible that day, and that is ok.  It helps me know that I am doing what is best, and that you are there for support.  

Lastly, thank you for the smile at the end of the day.  I love your children, but more importantly, I strive tobe an important person to your family.  I am usually the first teacher your child has, and it is important for them to learn to trust their teachers.  Your smile not only tells me that you trust me, but shows your children that you trust me. This means the world to me.  Pick up is one of my favorite parts of the day, not because it is the end, but because I get to see how you interact with your child.  I get to see the child’s genuine look of love and admiration towards you, and I get to see your response.  I also love to hear them talk about the fun they had that day and how they are excited to come back.

Friday Frenzy.png

There are weeks dedicated to thanking teachers.  We constantly strive to thank our children and show them how to be grateful.  I feel that it is now time for me to thank you.  Thank you to the preschool parent, you are an important part of our program.  The rest of us could not succeed without you!


Kirsten Conrad

Gym and Learn Director and Fellow Preschool Parent

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