Teaching Self Control With Coco

Coco is an amazing movie the whole family will love. The movie takes place in modern day Mexico and highlights a young boy’s experience with El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The movie brilliantly brings to life how Mexican culture celebrates, honors, and remembers their friends and family who have died. However, the creator of this film also strives to teach viewers about the journey we embark on as a young person learning self-control.

Teaching Self-Control With cocoThe thing young Miguel desires most in life is to play his guitar. The only problem is: Miguel’s ancestors have banned music. Throughout the movie, Miguel tries first to convince his family about the beauty of music. When that doesn’t work, he rebels and attempts to find who he believes to be his great grandfather, an inspired musician, to receive a blessing to continue playing music.

Eventually Miguel realizes his action of rebellion are hurting his family and he learns an important lesson: Even being a musician, his biggest desire in life, isn’t worth sacrificing his happiness. When Miguel shows his family how he has developed mature self-control, his family better understands his music-driven passions. Not only does he earn the respect of his family, but he also earns his family’s blessing to continue playing music. Miguel learns the importance of self-control and Coco teaches people of all ages how learning to control yourself impacts several aspects of your life.

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