The Importance of STEM for Preschoolers: A New Way of Learning

The Importance of STEM for Preschoolers: A New Way of Learning

stem for preschoolersWhat is STEM for Preschoolers?  Does it belong in a classroom?  What are some activities you can do at home? There has been a strong push to take a look how we teach children recently.  This includes new ideas, such as common core and STEM learning.  As we develop into a more technological society, it is important to update our education to reflect this.   STEM is a great way to introduce these skills, while still creating a fun atmosphere for your children.

What is STEM for Preschoolers?

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  STEM is based on the idea of educating students in the four disciplines.  Some teachers separate these, however STEM focuses on integrating them.  STEM for Preschoolers also focuses on real world application.

Each part of STEM education is important and works with the other parts.  Science is simply the world around us, because it impacts our daily life.  Technology is one of the fastest growing fields, in addition to the everyday application.  Engineering is part of our daily roads and bridges, furthermore in our environmental developments.  Mathematics goes beyond numbers, probably used by most people every day.  When these parts work together, they build the foundation for our society.

Why is STEM for Preschoolers Important?

stem for preschoolersAccording to Engineering for Kids, "STEM education helps to bridge the ethnic and gender gaps sometimes found in math and science fields. Initiatives have been established to increase the roles of women and minorities in STEM-related fields. STEM education breaks the traditional gender roles. In order to compete in a global economy, STEM education and careers must be a national priority. Each and every decision made uses an aspect of STEM to understand the implications."  Simply put, STEM for Preschoolers helps put everyone on an even playing field.  It also builds an important foundation for students to compete on a global level.

Teaching STEM for Preschoolers in the Classroom

Many preschool teachers have added STEM for Preschoolers into their lesson plans.  This helps mold the young brains to start thinking in a STEM way.  Pinnacle has introduced their STEM Friday Frenzy program, which integrates STEM for Preschoolers into fine motor, gross motor, and creative activities.  This is a great example of true STEM learning, furthermore teaching our children using their entire body.

Besides the STEM Friday Frenzy program, Pinnacle has also added STEM lesson plans in the Gym and Learn program.  Gym and Learn has added centers, circle activities, and even whole week themes based on STEM education.  What a great way for students to start learning through play, as a result their minds are being influenced correctly.

STEM for Preschoolers at Home

stem for preschoolers
Interested in some STEM for Preschoolers activities at home? Here you go!  These are just some of our favorites to try, but here is a full list of possibilities.  The fun is endless!

  1. Turn a Cardboard Box into an Epic Marble Run
  2. Transfer of Energy Science Experiment
  3. Magnetic Sculptures

STEM for Preschoolers: Learning for the Future

STEM for Preschoolers may seem like fun activities, however it is so much more!  It is learning about the future.  Hopefully it will help our preschoolers succeed on a global level.  What do you think about STEM?  Do you think it should be included in lesson plans for all ages?


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