Self Care Tips for Moms

Self Care Tips for Moms

What is self care?  Self care is, simply put, the act of caring for yourself.  Pretty clear, right?  Self care is doing things that fill your bucket, and make you feel like YOU.  It includes focusing on your interests and hobbies, taking a minute to just relax and recharge, or treating yourself.  Self care is important for everyone.  If you get lost in your job, school work, sports, etc., then what is left of you?  

Tips for Moms

Why is Self Care Especially Important for Moms?

Taking care of yourself is important for everyone, but it is especially important for moms.  I'm talking about all moms: stay-at-home moms, part-time working moms, full-time working moms, etc.  Regardless of what "type" of mom you are, your job is HARD.  It is so easy to lose yourself in taking care of your kids.  They are your life, and you should focus all of your time and attention on them and their needs.  Otherwise, you're a terrible mom.  Right?  That's how many moms feel.  That's how many people who aren't moms feel.  

I am here to tell you that those people, and that nagging little voice in your head, are wrong.  Taking time to take care of yourself is the most unselfish thing you can do.  How are you supposed to take care of those precious little people if you aren't taking care of yourself?  How can you fill someone else's bucket if yours is empty?  Taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your kids.  You can't be a wonderful mom if you're burnt out.  

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Self care doesn't have to take up a large amount of your time.  It could be a quick five minute break.  It could be as quick as sneaking a piece of chocolate while your kids are playing.  Starting a self care regimen can seem overwhelming and impossible.  Your day is so busy that there is no possible way you could add time for yourself.  Start small.  Set short, small goals for yourself.  Pick a couple days per week that you are going to take a couple minutes for yourself.  Starting out too big will probably cause immediate failure, and discourage you from really making self care work for you.  

How to Make the Time for Self Care

  1. Schedule self care time on your calendar - If it's already on your schedule, then you will be able to schedule other activities around it.  You can also plan ahead for it.  You can let the appropriate people know that you have this time for yourself scheduled so that they can help you out if needed.
  2. Try to pick times that work best for your family - You know your family's schedule better than anyone.  Make sure you are picking days and times that make sense.  Don't pick a day that you know is going to be crazy busy.  Maybe pick a day that you know your partner will be around, or a day where you know you can set your kids in front of the TV for a cartoon or a movie for a little bit.
  3. Ask for help - I feel strongly about this one.  Ask for help, and don't apologize for needing the time.  Ask your partner, a family member, or even a babysitter.  Grandmas, grandpas, aunts, and uncles all love getting to see your kids.  They would love to watch them for an hour or more so that you can take a solo shopping trip.  Have a friend who also has kids?  Split the cost of a babysitter and take a girls' trip out!  Asking for help is not conceding defeat, it's using your resources wisely.  

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15 Self Care Ideas for Super Moms

You can do it!  Let me help you with some ideas to get you started.

  1. Do a quick at-home work out
  2. Have a glass of wine
  3. Take a steamy bath (bonus points for using luxurious bath bombs)
  4. Give yourself a manicure, or go all out and go to a nail salon
  5. Read a book in 10-15 minute increments
  6. Indulge in your favorite snack
  7. Start a two-minute a day journal
  8. Jam out to your favorite music
  9. Get yourself an adult coloring book
  10. Create a space in your house that is just for you
  11. Wear your favorite scent
  12. Join a mom's group
  13. Have a lazy day - let cartoons and movies parent your kids, and order take-out for dinner
  14. Listen to a book on Audible
  15. Do a quick stretch or yoga routine

Now that you have the tools to get started, I know that you can implement a successful self care program.  Start by setting self care goals for one week, and go from there.  Holidays and the new year are coming up.  If you get started now, you could put together some amazing self care goals for the upcoming year.  A happy and healthy momma raises healthier and happier kids.  Remember, you're worth it, and so are your kids.

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