The Pit Project

pit-8"You are an endless project... changing, evolving, surprising." - James Patterson

Each time we make a change at Pinnacle, we improve what we do.  Sometimes the changes are small, like adding a changing table in the boys' restroom. Sometimes the changes are unseen, like fixing floor boards beneath the team floor.  Sometimes the changes are quick and easy and other times they take more man hours than ever dreamed possible.  All of these changes make Pinnacle a better, safer, more wonderful place for our students, customers, and staff.

The value of pits for training gymnasts is remarkable, however, they take proper maintenance and care to be most effective.  At Pinnacle, we take the following steps to insure safe training:

  • Inspecting proper padding around pit edges
  • Keeping the pit free of any obstructions
  • Fluffling and cleaning the pit to keep it at the proper level
  • Making sure the pit is properly used, including no head first entries

Taking good care of our pit protects our athletes, coaches, and the pit itself.  Recently, we decided our pit was ready for an upgrade.  Not just one that would be a quick fix, but one that would last for decades.  We invested in covered pit foam.

pit-9When the foam was delivered, we knew we needed help.  We gathered our team athletes and staff and began tackling the covering project.  You see, pit foam doesn't come pre-covered.  This is a special add-on, one that must be manually applied to each block.

2700 of them...

pit-6Compressing new pit foam to fit in a tight fitting cover, not as easy as you think it is going to be... or maybe that was just wishful thinking.

Each of us found our "best method", some turned the covers inside out and compressed the foam with their knees, others just pressed the cover over with their palms until the cover took over the block.  Some worked in teams, some worked by themselves, but we all worked together.

And over the course of two days, we FINALLY completed our pit transformation project.

pit-3Our pit is now safer.  Our new blocks provide more blank air space as it is harder to compress them.  Our new covers reduce the friction between blocks nearly eliminating pit dust.  Our athletes are breathing easier and tumbling safer because of these upgrades.

This project bruised us, made our hands sorer than ever dreamed possible, and TRANSFORMED the training at Pinnacle.


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