Parent Connection: from a 9 Year Pinnacle gym Mom and Rec coach

Welcome to the new Pinnacle Parent Connection.  The goal is to help provide some perspective of what is going on in the gym and other tips and tidbits especially for those new to the gymnastics world.  Consider this your Gymnastics 101 lesson.  As my daughter started gymnastics,  I often felt clueless on the terms she would bring home related to the sport.  Hopefully these articles will help shed some light on the terms your budding gymnast may bring home and to also help you understand how the progressive nature of the skills being taught will evolve from the basic Preschool school level to eventually an Advanced skill level such as a team gymnast will compete.

In upcoming editions we plan to also include some ideas for gymnastics outside the gym.  I know I often felt like our home was a gym so we will try to give you some ideas to channel that energy and maybe get the whole family active at the same time.

Below you will find an introduction to some of the terminology we use in and outside the gym.

Keep calm and gymnastics on!

Coach Colleen

Gymnastics Terminology  (Some Basics)

Event: Generally lesson plans are designed to move through the following 4 events Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor.   Boys classes will include Floor, Vault, Tumbling and a Boys Equipment Circuit including rings, pommel horse and parallel bars.

Circuit:  A circuit is when the lesson plans are done in a circular or loop so that the athlete completes skills one after the other progressively moving through all the skills demonstrated and continuously until time to move to the next Event.

Station:  A station is typically when students complete a skill again and again, possibly with a partner at the same station and then will rotate to the next station upon the coaches signal.  Usually completing 4 stations before moving to the next Event.

Safe Landing:  Jump down landing on two feet with slightly bent legs and arms extended out straight forward.

Warm-Up:  The initial portion of class which includes an activity that involves movement followed by stretching.  This is often a time when a coach will incorporate conversation or fun questions requiring a response from each athlete to get them engaged.



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