Why Parent/Child Classes Are For You

Parent/Child Gymnastics

Yes, that's right.  It's happening again.  My third child has recently moved into our big kid Parent/Child gymnastics class.  50 minutes of organized activity.  I have been through this twice before.  I have participated in Parent/Child classes for 5 years.  It is going to be easy, right?  I wish...

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How to Survive Parent/Child Classes

Class one: Reese just fussed the entire day that she wanted to jump on the trampoline.  I have to keep dragging her back to the circle, because despite what I may have thought previously, 18 month olds are FAST!  By the 35 minute mark, I am ready to leave.  I am frustrated, she is frustrated, what are we doing here?

Class two: Reese participates in the first circle because the trampoline is involved.  We make it for about 20 minutes before we start fussing.  Second obstacle course explanation isn't Reese's idea of "fun". I don't even know if we made it 30 minutes this time before both of us started melting down.  After a quick break watching the big kids, we rejoin and finish all for that stamp!

Class three: There is light at the end of the tunnel!  Reese still is not much of a stretcher.  Why stretch when you can see a trampoline?  However, we power through.  First circle, success.  Second circle, major meltdown, can't even tell you why.  After we regain our composure, we get to go to the final activity.  Before I know it, class is over, stamp is on the leg, and we only had one meltdown!  This is why I didn't quit bringing her.  Giant smiles, a new word "again", and the hugs and high fives make even the meltdowns worth it.

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The Value of Parent/Child Classes

Parent/Child classes are more than an activity.  Classes involve puzzle, patterns, balance, fine motor skills, swinging, dancing, pouncing on bubbles and more.  Watching your child's brain and body work together will amaze you.

I cannot advocate enough that Parent/Child classes are both great for the child and the adult.  Gymnastics classes for kids teach us patience.  They teach us about our child's likes (and dislikes).  And they teach us that anything can become fun and routine with a little bit of practice.  So for all of those parents that are engaged now or thinking about giving it a shot, you rock and hang in there!

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Updated: August 9, 2017

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