New in Gym and Learn this School Year

What's New in the Gym and Learn Classroom?

The classroom is always changing, new ideas are always growing, and we continue to improve each and every week!  While repetition is important for preschool development, new ideas help keep both children and adults engaged in the classroom and excited for the next day!  Gym and Learn has some wonderful additions and changes coming this year.

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Changes to the Lesson Plans

From the words of my professor in college, "Lesson plans are never finished, just put on pause."  This is incredibly true for the Gym and Learn classroom.  The teachers work together to evaluate the last year's themes and activities and brainstorm new ideas to replace them.  We have some new themes coming to the classroom including our 5 senses, Time, and Not So Scary Monsters.  We are also introducing bug habitats to our Bug and Insect week, new science experiments to our Science Discoveries week, fun features in the sensory table, and so much more.  

Mash Ups with New Programs

Gym and Learn is pretty special in that our school takes place in a gymnastics facility. This allows for unique gross motor development and access to many different programs.  Gym and Learn is excited to explore these programs through a Mash Up with Ninja and Dance.  We are also working on a Mindful Yoga class for some of our students as well. When the child is exposed to many different activities, it builds a stronger, more well rounded child.

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Enrichment Expands Beyond the Classroom

It is important to encourage involvement of all family members in their preschoolers education.  We are excited to introduce a bi-monthly enrichment activity that will encourage a family activity outside of the gym.  Activities include a family interview, fall scavenger hung, family fitness and much more.  

Gym and Learn (Preschool Shawnee) is excited for our changes coming this year!  As we continue to grow and succeed, it is important for our program to change.  Hopefully, with all the tools in place, it will be our best year yet!

Interested in enrolling in the Gym and Learn Program this year?  Whether you are looking for a two year old preschool or preparing for kindergarten, Gym and Learn has a spot for your child!

Enroll in Gym and Learn Here!

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