MATS Tumbling Team: 3 Great Reasons to Join

MATS Tumbling Team: 3 Great Reasons to Join 

MATS stands for Mid-American Tumbling Society, is a multi-level competitive tumbling competition that allows tumblers to showcase their talents on a competitive level against other dance studios and gyms in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  MATS competitions are a fun and exciting opportunity for gymnasts to perform a tumbling routine.  MATS team members meet once a week to memorize, practice, and perfect their routines, in addition to their recreational gymnastics or tumbling class.  MATS participants range in age from 5-16. 

1. Showcase Your Tumbling Skills  

Gymnasts work very hard to learn and perfect their skills.  They practice many hours to master skills such as a cartwheel with straight legs or a bridge kickover.  While practicing and learning are fun, it is great to have an opportunity to showcase what you learn.  MATS competitions provide the perfect opportunity to showcase your gymnast's hardwork in front of parents, teammates, coaches, and fans.  

mats tumbling team

2. Gain Competitive Tumbling Experience

MATS competitions provide a great introduction to the competitive experience.  Much like a gymnastics meet, MATS competitors learn to perform their routine in front of a crowd.  They experience the pre-meet jitters and learn to handle the nervous and excited energy.  Competitors learn to perform in front of a crowd and in front of judges.  They also learn that not everyone will receive first place or an award at every meet, which helps the gymnast learn the importance of personal best and goal setting. 

tumbling team

3.  Build Confidence in a Team Environment 

Overall, MATS is a great way for gymnasts to be a part of a team and increase their belief in themselves.  MATS gymnasts are able to encourage each other during class and competition as they progress.  Gymnasts have the opportunity to learn new skills, advance to higher levels, qualify for the Championship Meet, and reap the benefits of gymnastics.

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