How Much Do Gymnastics Classes Cost?

Gymnastics classes and programs are available to nearly everyone!  Children as young as 9 months (sometimes even younger) through adults can enjoy training ranging from recreational through competitive training.  The most common form of gymnastics is artistic. Artistic gymnastics involves many different apparatus: for women - vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor, for men - vault, parallel bars, high bar, rings, pommel horse, and floor.  Other types of gymnastics include rhythmic and trampoline and tumbling. So now to answer the hard question: how much do gymnastics classes cost?

How Much Do Gymnastics Classes Cost?

gymnastics classes cost
  • Recreational gymnastics classes for kids cost about $15-$20 per class.  Classes typically meet once a week.  Some programs bill by the month and others bill in sessions 10-12 weeks in length.
  • Competitive gymnastics classes cost about $200-$400 per month and vary based on the level the athlete is training as well as the number of hours the athlete is training each week.
  • In addition to weekly classes, many gyms offer drop in play times that average $10 per session.
  • Summer camps and day camps are also popular offerings among gymnastics studios.  Summer camps are typically around $100-$200 per week and vary based upon the length of the camp.
  • Gymnastics classes vary in cost based on quality of program, geography, and customer needs.  Click here to learn how to select the right studio for your athlete!

Discounts for Gymnastics Classes

  • Many programs offer a multi-class or sibling discount, inquire about your club's policy
  • Many programs offer discounts on non-class activities for members.  Ask about birthday party discounts!
  • If you are in need of financial assistance, ask the gymnastics program if they offer scholarships.  Most clubs that offer scholarships require completing an application and other financial information.

The class offerings and what is provided vary based upon the age and level of the child as well as from gym to gym.  As a guideline, here is what to expect at different levels of the sport.

Classes for Preschoolers

cost of preschool gymnastics
  • Classes for preschoolers are typically 50 minutes in length. The cost of preschool gymnastics varies based upon the length of the class.  Some programs offer a 30 minute pricing schedule that is less expensive for younger athletes.
  • Activities gross motor skills that incorporate balance, jumping, running, swinging, and rolling.
  • Many programs also incorporate fine motor skills that help with grip strength - gripping a bar can help a child grip a pencil!
  • Classes are highly interactive and frequently involve learning through play.
  • As a precursor to preschool classes, consider a mommy and me tumbling class to introduce your child to the sport - don't forget to enjoy the bonding benefits!

Classes for School Age Children

Cost of boys gymnastics classes
  • Classes for school age children typically start around 50 minutes in length and get longer as the ability level increases
  • School age classes typically start around kindergarten and continue through high school.
  • School age classes focus on more gymnastics technique and begin refining skills like cartwheels, handstands, and pull overs, as well as conquering higher beams.
  • Many programs also incorporate safe landing techniques that help prevent injury not just in the gym, but on the playground as well.
  • Classes are frequently station based to keep children moving throughout the class

Classes for Adults

  • Classes for adults are typically 60 minutes in length.
  • Adult gymnastics classes generally include a general fitness element as well.
  • Using multiple apparatus, including the rings, bars, and trampolines, adults can build strength while revisiting a childhood hobby or build new skills they have always wanted to try.
  • In addition to a class setting, some gyms offer an adult drop in time for customers that need more flexibility.

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