How Dance Teaches Self Control

How Dance Teaches Self Control

Reflective of the many benefits of dance, dance is often regarded as an art form that requires a lot of self-control and discipline. This is due to the fact that dancers need to be dedicated to what they are doing in order to put on a better overall performance. In order to do this they must also practice a great deal of self-control during practice so that they can learn more.

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Dance and Discipline

Learning how to dance requires attention to detail and accuracy. One skill can be easily mistaken for another if it is not preformed correctly. Dance requires a great deal of balance and fluidity which is not easily achieved if a dancer is not focused. Being able to focus on the steps, music, and rhythm are all important in being successful in dance.

Dance is viewed as a commitment to practicing the steps that are being taught within a class, structure, rules, and etiquette. The ability to utilize self-control in a dance classroom connects the dancer to results in their performance. (Learn more about dance terminology here.)

Discipline to Perfection

Once a dancer has demonstrated at a high level their ability to control themselves, they are more likely to be able to preform their techniques to perfection. This is because when preforming a skill in dance one skill oftentimes requires a dancer to think about several different things that are happening at the same time. For instance they are not only needing to think about the requirements for the skill itself, but their turn out, their foot placement and alignment, having a straight leg along with a pointed foot, among so many other things.

When a dancer learns self-control and commits to learning the technique it then in turn leads to them being able to apply that to other areas of their lives, therefore producing a positive effect.

Beyond Perfection to Behavior

In dance, students are required to be quiet while the teacher is giving instructions for the combinations, or offers a correction. This helps the dancer learn the times they are able to talk versus the times when they need to remain quiet in respect for their peers.

All of these things require the dancer to practice their self-control. It is something that is talked about in dance classes weekly because it just helps class run smoothly, along with making it a safer environment for everyone.

how dance teaches self control


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